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Camping at Portage Bay Cabin Campground

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Overview of Portage Bay Cabin Campground

Location: Portage Bay Cabin is situated in the Tongass National Forest, which is the largest national forest in the United States. This forest is located in Southeast Alaska, surrounded by the waters of the Inside Passage and offers a true wilderness experience.

Access: Access to Portage Bay Cabin is typically by float plane or boat, as it's remote and not connected to the road system. It's approximately 10 air miles or 16 water miles from Petersburg, Alaska.

Reservations and Fees

Reservations: Reservations for the Portage Bay Cabin are essential, especially during peak seasons when cabins can be booked months in advance. Reservations can be made through the USDA Forest Service's reservation system, typically Recreation.gov.

Fees: There is a nightly fee for staying in the cabin, which is subject to change. The fee covers the cost of maintaining the cabin and its amenities. Current pricing information can be found on the official reservations website.

Cabin Amenities

Facilities: The Portage Bay Cabin is a rustic retreat, offering basic amenities. It typically includes bunk beds or sleeping platforms, a table and chairs, and a wood stove for heating. Running water, electricity, and indoor plumbing are not provided.

Capacity: Portage Bay Cabin has a limited capacity, often accommodating 6 to 8 people. It's crucial to check the exact capacity when making a reservation.

Activities and Points of Interest

Fishing: The area is known for excellent fishing opportunities, including salmon, halibut, and other species. Anglers must comply with Alaska state fishing regulations.

Wildlife Watching: Wildlife is abundant, with chances to see bald eagles, brown and black bears, moose, and marine mammals like whales and seals.

Hiking and Exploring: There are various trails and beaches in the area to explore, offering remarkable views and chances to experience the serene Alaskan wilderness.

Important Considerations

Weather: Weather in Southeast Alaska can be unpredictable and harsh. Adequate preparation for rain, cold, and possibly challenging conditions is essential.

Safety: Travelers must be self-sufficient and safety-conscious. Bear safety is critical, as is knowledge of first aid and survival techniques. Always inform someone about your travel plans before heading to remote areas.

Supplies: Visitors to the cabin must bring all necessary supplies, including food, bedding, cooking equipment, and a reliable communication device for emergencies.

Leave No Trace: As with any wilderness experience, maintaining the pristine condition of the area is a priority. Practice Leave No Trace principles to minimize your impact on the environment.


Camping at Portage Bay Cabin offers an idyllic wilderness retreat for those seeking a rustic and remote experience in the Tongass National Forest. With proper planning, reservations, and preparations, visitors can enjoy a memorable adventure amidst the natural beauty of Southeast Alaska.

Location of Portage Bay Cabin Campground
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