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Camping at Honker Lake Cabin Campground

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Introduction to Honker Lake Cabin Campground

Honker Lake Cabin Campground is a remote retreat nestled within the expanse of Tongass National Forest, the largest national forest in the United States, which spans across Southeast Alaska. This scenic campground offers outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy the wilderness and engage in various recreational activities.

Access and Location

Honker Lake Cabin is located on the northeast shore of Honker Lake in the Misty Fiords National Monument Wilderness, which is part of the Tongass National Forest. The cabin can be accessed by floatplane or by trail. The trailhead is at the end of Ward Lake Recreation Area's road, approximately 6 miles from Ketchikan, Alaska. The hike to the cabin along the Heckman Lake Trail is approximately 4.5 miles and is considered moderately difficult.

Facilities and Amenities

The cabin itself is a rustic, 12' x 12' Pan-Abode style cabin made from cedar logs, equipped with the following:

  • Wooden sleeping bunks (without mattresses)
  • A table and benches
  • Wood stove for heating
  • Cooking counter
  • Pit toilet nearby

Please note, there is no electricity, potable water, mattresses, bedding, or cooking utensils provided. Visitors must bring their own supplies, including a cooking stove if preferable, as well as drinking water or water treatment methods.


Recreational opportunities are abundant, including:

  • Hiking: The trail to the cabin provides an immersive experience in the Alaskan wilderness.
  • Wildlife Viewing: Animals such as black bears, bald eagles, and various waterfowl can be observed.
  • Fishing: Honker Lake is known for its trout fishing. Anglers must have a valid Alaska fishing license.
  • Canoeing and Kayaking: Honker Lake provides a serene setting for paddling activities.
  • Photography: The scenic landscapes offer ample photographic opportunities.

Reservations and Usage

Reservations for the cabin can be made in advance through the National Recreation Reservation Service. They are highly recommended due to the limited availability and the popularity of backcountry cabins in Alaska. Fees are charged for the use of the cabin, and users should check the latest fee schedules.

Considerations and Regulations

  • Leave No Trace: It is important to follow Leave No Trace principles and pack out all trash and leftover food.
  • Bear Safety: Proper food storage is crucial as the area is bear habitat. Be bear-aware and store food securely.
  • Weather Preparedness: Be prepared for changing weather conditions and ensure adequate clothing and gear.
  • Safety: Always inform someone of your travel plans and expected return date. Satellite phones or emergency beacons are recommended due to limited cell service.
  • Wilderness Regulations: Follow all wilderness regulations as the cabin is in a designated wilderness area.

Before traveling to Honker Lake Cabin Campground, it's recommended to check the latest information from the U.S. Forest Service or local ranger stations for any updates on conditions, restrictions, or advice on the best practices for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Location of Honker Lake Cabin Campground
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All campsites booked in Honker Lake Cabin Campground? Create a scan and we’ll notify you when somebody cancels.
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