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Camping at Kegan Cove Cabin Campground

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Overview of Kegan Cove Cabin

Kegan Cove Cabin is a remote retreat nestled in the Tongass National Forest in Alaska, providing a unique opportunity to experience the pristine wilderness of the area. It's one of the many public use cabins managed by the U.S. Forest Service that offer basic amenities to campers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Location and Access

The cabin is situated on the northern shore of Kegan Creek near the mouth of Kegan Cove in the Inside Passage of southeastern Alaska. Access to the cabin is by floatplane or boat only, as it is located approximately 33 miles from Craig and 50 miles from Ketchikan. The weather in the area can affect travel plans, so it is advisable to check current conditions and forecasts before departing.

Amenities and Facilities

  • The cabin is typically equipped with wooden bunks or sleeping platforms.
  • There is a table and benches or chairs.
  • A wood stove or oil heater is provided for heating (depending on the cabin).
  • Basic cooking facilities with a stove are available.

Please note: You need to bring your own fuel for heating and cooking stoves, as well as lighting (if it's not solar-powered).


  • Fishing: The area is known for salmon and trout fishing, with Kegan Creek being a popular spot for anglers.
  • Wildlife Viewing: The forest is home to a rich variety of wildlife, including bears, eagles, and Sitka black-tailed deer.
  • Hiking: There may be trails nearby, such as those leading to Kegan Lake and the surrounding rainforest.
  • Kayaking/Boating: The waters around the cabin are ideal for kayaking and boating, with beautiful coastal scenery.

Booking and Fees

Reservations for the cabin must be made in advance, and there is typically a nightly fee to stay. These fees are subject to change and it is best to check the latest information on the official Tongass National Forest website or Recreation.gov.

Rules and Considerations

  • Leave No Trace: As with all wilderness experiences, visitors should follow Leave No Trace principles, disposing of waste properly and minimizing their impact on the environment.
  • Bear Safety: Proper food storage is crucial in bear country to prevent attracting bears to the campsite.
  • Weather: Be prepared for changing weather conditions and pack appropriate gear for rain and colder temperatures.
  • Preparation: As the cabin is in a remote location, it is essential to bring all necessary supplies, including safety gear and a first-aid kit.
  • Emergency Situations: There is no cell phone service, so it's important to have a plan for emergency communication such as a satellite phone or radio.

Conclusion and Further Resources

For the most accurate and current information, visitors should consult the U.S. Forest Service or the official website for the Tongass National Forest. This will provide necessary details on cabin availability, access, fees, and any specific restrictions or guidelines to follow during the visit. Being well-prepared will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience at Kegan Cove Cabin.

Location of Kegan Cove Cabin Campground
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