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Camping at Church Bight Cabin Campground

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Overview of Church Bight Cabin Campground

Church Bight Cabin Campground is one of the remote recreational sites within the Tongass National Forest in Alaska. Tongass is the largest national forest in the United States, consisting of temperate rain forests, glacial fjords, and stunning mountain ranges. While the Tongass National Forest offers various campgrounds and cabins, detailed information about Church Bight Cabin specifically may vary based on its amenities and accessibility.

Reservations and Accessibility

  • Reservation Process: Church Bight Cabin Campground, like many public use cabins in the Tongass National Forest, likely requires reservations in advance. Reservations can typically be made through the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) or via recreation.gov, where you can check availability and book your stay.

  • Getting There: Access to the cabin usually requires a floatplane or a boat as many of these cabins are in remote locations only accessible via waterways. Ensure you arrange transportation well in advance.

Facilities and Amenities

  • Cabin Features: The cabin itself likely includes basic amenities like bunk beds, a table, benches, and a wood stove or oil heater for heating. You will typically need to bring your own sleeping bags, cooking supplies, and any other necessary equipment.

  • Water and Waste: Potable water may not be available, and visitors usually need to boil or treat water from nearby natural sources. Waste disposal will be a carry-in, carry-out policy, meaning you need to bring back all trash with you to maintain the cleanliness and ecological integrity of the site.

  • Toilets: There is usually an outhouse or pit toilet located near the cabin.


  • Fishing: Many visitors come for fishing opportunities which can be excellent in Alaskan waters. Make sure to obtain the necessary fishing licenses and to be aware of any regulations.

  • Wildlife Viewing: Tongass National Forest is home to a variety of wildlife including bears, eagles, and whales. Always keep a safe distance and store food securely.

  • Hiking and Exploring: There may be trails or untouched wilderness areas for hiking and exploring around Church Bight Cabin.

Safety Considerations

  • Bear Country: As in much of Alaska, the area around Church Bight Cabin is bear country. Be bear-aware, store food and scented items appropriately, and know how to act if you encounter a bear.

  • Weather: Alaskan weather can be unpredictable, with fog, rain, and cold conditions being common. Waterproof gear and multiple layers for warmth are essential.

  • Tides and Boat Safety: If arriving by boat, be mindful of the tides and always practice safe boating. The weather can change rapidly affecting sea conditions.

Leave No Trace

Practicing Leave No Trace ethics is crucial to protect the natural environment and ensure that others can enjoy it after you. Pack out all waste, be considerate of wildlife, and leave natural objects and features as you find them.

Contact Information

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on Church Bight Cabin Campground, it's recommended to contact the local ranger district in the Tongass National Forest. They can provide you with the necessary details regarding reservations, cabin conditions, access, and any recent changes due to weather or other factors.

Remember that details specific to Church Bight Cabin can change, so it's crucial to do your due diligence and confirm any information and regulations with the U.S. Forest Service prior to planning your trip.

Location of Church Bight Cabin Campground
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All campsites booked in Church Bight Cabin Campground? Create a scan and we’ll notify you when somebody cancels.
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