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Camping at Harding River Cabin Campground

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Location and Access

Harding River Cabin Campground is located in the Tongass National Forest, which is in Southeast Alaska, spanning across the Alexander Archipelago. Access to Harding River Cabin can vary depending on the time of year and comprises primarily of water or air travel. Typically, visitors can access the cabin by floatplane or by boat. Keep in mind that due to its remote location, reaching the Harding River Cabin may require a good deal of planning.

Reservations and Fees

Reservations for Harding River Cabin are necessary and can generally be made up to six months in advance. It's important to book early especially for high season dates, as remote cabins in Tongass National Forest are quite popular. You can reserve the cabin through the National Recreation Reservation Service. There are fees associated with the rental of the cabin, which are used to maintain and preserve these special public lands.

Cabin Amenities

Harding River Cabin is a typical Alaskan backcountry cabin, offering basic amenities. Expect the following:

  • Bunk space or platforms for sleeping; you'll need to bring your own sleeping gear.
  • A wood stove for heating; you might need to provide your own firewood or cut from the surrounding area if permitted.
  • A table and benches.
  • No electricity or running water. You will need to treat water from the river or bring your own.

Make sure to check recent visitor reviews or contact the Forest Service for the latest on what's available in the cabin.


The Harding River area offers numerous outdoor activities:

  • Fishing: The river may provide opportunities to fish for salmon and trout. Be sure to check the Alaskan fishing regulations for seasons and permit requirements.
  • Wildlife Viewing: Southeast Alaska is rich in wildlife. You might see bears, eagles, and if you are near the coast, marine mammals.
  • Hiking and Exploring: There are generally trails or wilderness to explore around the cabin sites.

Leave No Trace and Safety

While enjoying the Tongass National Forest and Harding River Cabin, it's important to follow Leave No Trace principles:

  • Pack out all your trash.
  • Properly dispose of human waste.
  • Minimize campfire impacts and follow local regulations.

Safety is paramount due to the remote location:

  • Always let someone know your itinerary and expected return time.
  • Be bear-aware. Store food properly and keep a clean camp.
  • Bring appropriate gear for rapid weather changes including rain gear, warm clothing, and emergency signaling devices.
Location of Harding River Cabin Campground
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