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Camping at Patching Lake Cabin Campground

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Overview of Patching Lake Cabin Campground

Patching Lake Cabin Campground is located in the Tongass National Forest in Alaska, which is the largest national forest in the United States. It offers a unique wilderness experience characterized by its remote location, dense rainforests, and diverse wildlife. Visitors can expect to find solitude and adventure in this pristine setting.

Accessing the Cabin

Access to Patching Lake Cabin is typically by floatplane, as it is remote. Travellers should be aware that weather conditions in Southeast Alaska can rapidly change, which may affect travel plans. It is important to make arrangements with a local air taxi service well in advance of your trip.

Cabin Facilities

The cabin at Patching Lake is a modest, typically rustic structure that offers basic amenities such as:

  • Bunks (without mattresses)
  • A table and benches
  • A wood stove for heating
  • Cooking facilities (You should bring your own cookware and utensils)

Guests should note that there is no electricity or running water at the cabin. They will need to bring their own bedding, food, water, and other essentials.

Activities at Patching Lake

Visitors to Patching Lake can engage in a number of outdoor activities, including:

  • Fishing: The lake, streams, and nearby saltwater bays offer opportunities to fish for species like trout and salmon.
  • Wildlife Viewing: The Tongass National Forest is home to a rich variety of wildlife such as bears, eagles, and whales (in nearby waters).
  • Hiking: There are often trails to explore, although they may be rugged and not well-maintained.
  • Boating: Canoeing or kayaking on the lake provides a peaceful way to enjoy the area and access fishing spots.

Reservations and Permits

Reservations for Patching Lake Cabin are essential and can be made through the U.S. Forest Service (USFS). It is recommended to book the cabin well in advance as these remote cabins are popular and can be booked months ahead.

Leave No Trace

As with any visit to natural areas, it is vital to practice Leave No Trace principles. This means packing out all trash, minimizing the impact on the land, and respecting wildlife and other visitors.

Special Considerations

  • Weather: Be prepared for inclement weather and always have appropriate gear with you.
  • Wildlife: Bear-safe practices are a must. Store food and attractants properly and know how to behave if you encounter a bear.
  • Water: Purify any water from natural sources before drinking.
  • Safety: Ensure you have a communication plan, as cell service will be unreliable or non-existent.


Patching Lake Cabin in Tongass National Forest provides an excellent opportunity for a wilderness retreat. It requires careful planning and a respect for the environment to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Make sure to plan thoroughly and check with the USFS for the latest information before heading out to the cabin.

Location of Patching Lake Cabin Campground
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