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Camping at Berg Bay Cabin Campground

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Basic Information

Location: Berg Bay Cabin Campground is situated in the Tongass National Forest, which is the largest national forest in the United States, located in Southeast Alaska. The cabin can be accessed by float plane or boat, depending on weather conditions and the time of year.

Reservations and Fees

Reservations: Reservations are typically required for Berg Bay Cabin Campground and can be made through the USDA Forest Service's reservation system. It's best to book in advance as cabins in the Tongass National Forest are often in high demand, especially during the summer months.

Fees: There is usually a nightly fee for staying at the cabin. The fee structure can change, so it's important to check the current rates when making a reservation.

Facilities and Amenities

Cabin Features: Berg Bay Cabin generally offers basic amenities, including bunks (without mattresses), a table with benches, a wood stove for heat, and an outside toilet. You'll need to bring your own bedding, cookware, and means to light the wood stove.

Water: Potable water may not be available at the cabin, and visitors should be prepared to treat water from nearby natural sources or bring sufficient water for the duration of their stay.

Access and Transportation

Getting There: Access to Berg Bay Cabin is via float plane or boat. Visitors should be aware of weather conditions and seasonal variations that could affect transportation. Also, keep in mind that transportation services are not included in the reservation fee and must be arranged separately.


Recreation: Visitors to Berg Bay Cabin have opportunities for various outdoor activities such as fishing, kayaking, wildlife viewing, and exploring the bay and surrounding wilderness areas. There are also trails for hiking, providing chances to experience the forest and its natural beauty.

Wildlife and Safety

Wildlife: The Tongass National Forest is rich in wildlife, including bears, eagles, and salmon. It's important to store food properly and to be bear-aware to minimize the risk of wildlife encounters.

Safety: Given the remote nature of the cabin, visitors should be self-sufficient and capable of dealing with emergencies on their own. An understanding of wilderness survival, first aid, and the ability to navigate in backcountry conditions is essential.

Regulations and Considerations

Leave No Trace: Visitors are expected to follow Leave No Trace principles to minimize their impact on the natural environment. This means packing out all trash, leaving what you find, and respecting wildlife.

Pack In, Pack Out: Whatever you bring to the cabin, you are expected to take with you when you leave, as there are no trash disposal facilities.

Pets: Policies regarding pets can vary, so it's a good idea to check the current rules regarding animals before you plan your trip.

Please note that the information provided here is subject to change and it's recommended to check the latest details with the USDA Forest Service or the official Tongass National Forest website before planning your trip to Berg Bay Cabin Campground.

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