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Camping at Eagle Cabin Campground

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Overview of Eagle Cabin Campground

Eagle Cabin Campground is a remote getaway located within the expansive Tongass National Forest in Alaska. This campground is known for providing a rustic and secluded experience, suitable for campers who are seeking a true wilderness escape.


Eagle Cabin Campground is situated in the southeastern region of Alaska, within the boundaries of the Tongass National Forest. The specific location and directions to the cabin should be confirmed with the U.S. Forest Service or local ranger district, as remote wilderness areas can be difficult to navigate.

Access and Transportation

Access to Eagle Cabin Campground is usually via floatplane or boat, as it is quite remote. Travelers should arrange their transportation well in advance and prepare for the possibility of weather-related delays.

Accommodations and Facilities

The campground typically features a cabin which is available for rent. Facilities may include basic amenities such as bunks, a table, chairs, and a wood stove for heating. There's usually no running water or electricity, and visitors must typically bring their own supplies, including food, cookware, and sleeping gear.


Visitors to Eagle Cabin Campground can engage in a range of outdoor activities:

  • Fishing: The area is known for excellent fishing opportunities, especially for species like salmon and trout.
  • Wildlife Watching: The Tongass National Forest is home to a rich variety of wildlife, including bears, eagles, and whales in nearby waters.
  • Hiking: There are trails in the area, though they may be rough and not well-marked.
  • Boating: Canoeing, kayaking, and boating are popular on the nearby waterways.

Booking and Reservations

Cabins in the Tongass National Forest are typically managed by the U.S. Forest Service, and reservations are often required. It’s imperative to book the Eagle Cabin well in advance, as these remote sites are popular among seasoned campers.

Rules and Regulations

There are several important rules campers must observe:

  • Leave No Trace: Make sure to pack out everything you bring in.
  • Bear Safety: Properly store food and be bear-aware.
  • Fire Safety: Follow restrictions on fires, often subject to seasonal conditions.
  • Fishing Licenses: Ensure you have the necessary permits and follow local fishing regulations.

Safety Considerations

Due to the remote nature of Eagle Cabin Campground, there are unique safety considerations:

  • Weather: Be prepared for variable and harsh weather conditions.
  • Remote Location: Emergency services may be hours away, so carry a means of communication (like a satellite phone).
  • Medical Readiness: Bring a comprehensive first-aid kit and be prepared for self-rescue.


Eagle Cabin Campground offers a rustic, off-the-grid experience for those looking to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the Tongass National Forest. Because of the complexities of accessing and staying in such a remote location, detailed planning and preparation are crucial for a safe and enjoyable trip. Always check the current conditions and requirements with the Forest Service before planning your visit to this unique wilderness escape.

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