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Camping at Checats Lake Cabin Campground

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Overview of Checats Lake Cabin Campground

Checats Lake Cabin is a remote retreat located within the Tongass National Forest in Alaska. It offers a unique outdoor experience for individuals seeking solitude, scenic beauty, and an array of recreational activities.

Location and Access

The cabin is situated near Checats Lake, an area that may require travel by floatplane or a boat followed by a hike to reach it. The remoteness of the location adds to the adventure and ensures a peaceful stay, away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Accommodations and Facilities

The Checats Lake Cabin typically provides basic amenities that may include:

  • A rustic cabin structure
  • Bunks or sleeping platforms
  • A table and benches
  • A wood stove for heating

Visitors are required to carry their own supply of food, sleeping bags, cooking stove, cooking utensils, water purification systems, and other personal necessities.


Fishing: The lake is known for fishing opportunities, where anglers might catch salmon, trout, or other freshwater species depending on the season.

Hiking: There are trails around the lake that offer hikers the chance to explore the diverse ecosystems of Tongass National Forest.

Wildlife Observation: The area is home to an abundance of wildlife such as bears, eagles, and possibly whales in nearby coastal areas. Observing wildlife in its natural habitat can be a rewarding experience for nature lovers.

Boating and Kayaking: Visitors who bring or rent a kayak or canoe can enjoy paddling across the serene waters of Checats Lake.

Important Considerations

Weather: The region can experience a wide range of weather conditions, and it is essential to be prepared for rain, cold, and unpredictable weather patterns.

Safety: As the area is remote and wild, it is crucial to follow bear safety guidelines, know how to navigate using a map and compass, and have experience in backcountry survival skills.

Reservations: The use of the cabin is typically managed by the U.S. Forest Service and may require advanced reservations. It's important to check availability and book your stay well in advance.

Leave No Trace: Practicing Leave No Trace principles is vital to preserve the pristine nature of the forest for future visitors.

Pack Out Trash: Visitors must pack out all garbage, as there are no waste disposal services available at the site.

How to Obtain More Information

For the most current information, conditions, and proper planning:

  • Contact the local forest service: Reach out to the nearest ranger station in the Tongass National Forest for up-to-date information on conditions, permits, and cabin reservations.
  • Online resources: Visit the official Tongass National Forest website or the recreation.gov website for cabin details, amenities, maps, and booking options.
  • Equipment Rentals: Inquire about local outfitters in nearby towns for any gear rentals needed for your trip.

Planning ahead and being prepared is key to having an enjoyable and safe outdoor experience at Checats Lake Cabin in the Tongass National Forest.

Location of Checats Lake Cabin Campground
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