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Camping at Garnet Ledge Cabin Campground

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Location and Description

Garnet Ledge Cabin Campground is a remote recreational site within the Tongass National Forest, which is the largest national forest in the United States. Tongass covers most of Southeast Alaska, surrounding the famous Inside Passage and offers unique landscapes filled with islands, mountains, glaciers, and rainforests.


Access to Garnet Ledge Cabin Campground can be challenging as it is remote, typically requiring a boat or floatplane trip. Visitors should plan their transportation method carefully, in accordance with the weather and seasonal conditions. It is important to check local access information ahead of your trip due to the isolated nature of the cabin.

The Cabin

The Garnet Ledge Cabin can be reserved and offers basic amenities. Usually, cabins in Tongass National Forest have the following features:

  • Bunk beds or sleeping platforms
  • Table and chairs or benches
  • Wood stove or oil heater (fuel not provided)
  • Space for a maximum of 4 to 6 people

Please confirm the exact features and requirements of the Garnet Ledge Cabin as they can vary. Visitors are typically required to bring their own supplies including sleeping bags, cookware, stove, matches, and food.


Visitors to the Garnet Ledge Cabin and campground can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, such as:

  • Hiking: There may be trails around the cabin for exploring the surrounding forest.
  • Wildlife Viewing: Tongass National Forest is home to many species, including bears, eagles, and salmon.
  • Fishing: The waters around Southeast Alaska offer excellent fishing opportunities.
  • Boating: With many waterways to explore, visitors often enjoy kayaking or canoeing.

Booking and Fees

Cabin reservations are typically required and can be booked through the USDA Forest Service’s reservation system. There is usually a fee to rent these types of cabins, which you should confirm as prices may vary.

Regulations and Safety

Due to its remote location and the presence of wildlife, there are several regulations:

  • Proper food storage is necessary to keep bears away.
  • Visitors need to follow Leave No Trace principles to minimize impact on the environment.
  • Be prepared for sudden weather changes and have appropriate gear and clothing.

Local Services and Amenities

As Garnet Ledge Cabin is remote, visitors should not expect any services or amenities nearby. All necessary supplies should be brought in, and all waste must be packed out. It is essential for visitors to be self-sufficient.

Environmental Impact

Visitors should be mindful of their environmental impact, respecting the rules and guidelines set by the Forest Service to protect the integrity of the ecosystem.

Responsible Use

Lastly, everyone using the national forest's facilities should aim to have the least impact possible. As services and emergency response may be limited, preparation and cautious use of the area are crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Please check the latest updates from the USDA Forest Service or the Tongass National Forest’s official website before planning your trip, as conditions and regulations can shift.

Location of Garnet Ledge Cabin Campground
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