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Camping at Wild Plum Campground

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Location and Access

Wild Plum Campground is situated in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, within the Tahoe National Forest near the town of Sierra City, California. This popular spot provides access to a wealth of outdoor activities and scenic beauty. The campground is located at an elevation of about 5,100 feet, which influences the climate and accessibility throughout the year.

Campsites and Facilities

Wild Plum Campground is equipped with several campsites suitable for tent and RV camping, though it's important to note that there are no hookups available for RVs. The campground provides basic amenities which typically include:

  • Potable water
  • Vault toilets
  • Picnic tables
  • Fire rings and grills
  • Bear-proof food storage containers, due to the presence of bears in the area

Some sites may be reserved in advance, while others are available on a first-come, first-served basis. It's always recommended to check the latest reservation status and availability before planning your trip.

Activities and Recreation

Hiking and Trails: Wild Plum Campground serves as a base for exploring various hiking trails. One of the primary attractions is the nearby Pacific Crest Trail, which offers some breathtaking vistas. Additionally, shorter day hikes in the area provide opportunities to enjoy the local flora and fauna.

Fishing: The North Fork Yuba River is accessible from the campground and is known for trout fishing. Visitors may enjoy casting their lines in these clear mountain waters.

Swimming: While there's no designated swimming area at Wild Plum Campground, many visitors enjoy taking a dip in the river to cool off during the warmer months.

Wildlife Watching: The Tahoe National Forest is home to numerous wildlife species, such as black bears, deer, and various birds. Campers should be mindful of their surroundings and practice proper food storage and disposal to not attract animals to the campsites.

Season of Operation

Wild Plum Campground is typically open from late spring through early fall, but the exact dates can vary due to weather conditions and snow levels. Since access to the campground is significantly impacted by seasonal changes, it is crucial to check the latest information on road closures and campground status before heading out.

Regulations and Safety

  • Bear Country Precautions: Since bears are active in the area, visitors must use bear-proof containers and dispose of garbage in bear-resistant dumpsters.
  • Campfire Safety: Fires are only allowed in designated rings or grills, and campfire restrictions may be in place during high fire danger periods. Always check current fire regulations before you go.
  • Leave No Trace: Campers are expected to follow Leave No Trace principles, packing out all trash and minimizing their impact on the environment.
  • Permits and Fees: There is usually a fee for overnight camping, and sometimes permits are required for certain activities like fishing. Ensure you have the necessary permits and have paid the appropriate fees.
  • Road Conditions: Some of the roads to the campground may be narrow and winding. Large RVs or trailers may have difficulty navigating to the campground, especially during adverse weather conditions.

Local Attractions and Amenities

Sierra City and the surrounding Tahoe National Forest provide additional attractions such as boating at nearby lakes, cultural sites, historical points of interest related to the Gold Rush, and general stores for resupplying on camping basics.

Before visiting Wild Plum Campground, be sure to check the USDA Forest Service's official website or contact the local ranger district for the most up-to-date information on conditions, fees, regulations, and alerts. And always remember to prepare accordingly for weather and wilderness conditions to ensure a safe and enjoyable camping experience.

Location of Wild Plum Campground
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