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Camping at Tent Peg Group Campground

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Overview of Tent Peg Group Campground

Tent Peg Group Campground is located in the San Bernardino National Forest in Southern California. It provides a wilderness camping experience mainly designed for group camping. Nestled among the pine and cedar trees, this campground offers a serene setting ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.

Location and Access

The campground is situated at a high elevation in the San Bernardino Mountains, providing a cool retreat during the hot summer months. The exact location and driving directions can be obtained from the San Bernardino National Forest ranger station or website prior to your visit.

Facilities and Amenities

  • Group Sites: Tent Peg Group Campground typically features large group sites that can accommodate several tents.
  • Picnic Tables: Each group site provides picnic tables for meals and gatherings.
  • Fire Rings: There are fire rings at each site allowing campfires and BBQs. (Note: Fire restrictions may apply, so check the current conditions before your trip.)
  • Restrooms: The campground has vault toilets but no flush toilets or showers.
  • Water: Availability of water on-site needs to be verified. Visitors might need to bring their own water for drinking and cleaning.
  • Trash: Facilities for garbage disposal might be available, but visitors are encouraged to practice Leave No Trace principles and pack out what they bring in.

Activities and Recreation

  • Hiking: There are hiking trails nearby, where visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the forest.
  • Wildlife Viewing: The area is home to many species of wildlife, offering opportunities for viewing and photography.
  • Fishing: Nearby lakes and streams may offer fishing opportunities.
  • Star Gazing: The clear mountain skies provide excellent conditions for stargazing.

Reservations and Fees

Reservations are typically required for group sites at Tent Peg Group Campground, especially during peak seasons. Fees for group campgrounds vary and can be checked when making a reservation. It's best to reserve well in advance due to the popularity of the area.

Rules and Regulations

  • Group Size: The maximum number of people per group site will be specified in the campground regulations.
  • Pets: Information on pet restrictions should be verified, but they are usually allowed on a leash.
  • Quiet Hours: Campers are expected to observe quiet hours, typically from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM.
  • Fire Safety: Campfires must be contained within the provided fire rings and completely extinguished before leaving. Fire restrictions may be in place, and it's critical to check before lighting any fires.
  • Wildlife: Feeding or approaching wildlife is discouraged for both the safety of visitors and the well-being of the animals.

Weather and Preparation

  • Weather: Weather in the mountains can be unpredictable, with cold nights and sudden changes. Campers should be prepared for varying conditions.
  • Clothing: It's advisable to dress in layers and bring warm clothing for the evenings.
  • Essentials: Bring sufficient food, water, a first-aid kit, and any necessary medications.
  • Maps and Information: A map of the campground and surrounding trails can be helpful for navigation.


Tent Peg Group Campground offers a classic camping experience with basic amenities. It's perfect for visitors looking for a group camping experience in the beauty of the San Bernardino National Forest. Always ensure that you have the most updated information by checking with the local ranger station or forest service website before your trip.

Location of Tent Peg Group Campground
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