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Camping at Applewhite Campground California

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Location and Access

Applewhite Campground is located near Lytle Creek in the San Bernardino National Forest in Southern California. This campground is accessible via the I-15 freeway, making it convenient for those coming from Los Angeles or Las Vegas. Visitors should exit the freeway at the Sierra Avenue exit and head northwest on Lytle Creek Road to reach the campground.

Campground Features and Facilities

The campground features a number of amenities for campers:

  • Campsites: There are designated sites suitable for tents and some that can accommodate RVs or trailers, though there might be size limitations, and no hookups are available.
  • Picnic Tables and Fire Rings: Each campsite typically comes equipped with a picnic table and a fire ring for campfires and cooking.
  • Restrooms: There are basic restroom facilities available, but showers are typically not available.
  • Water Access: Potable water spigots are available throughout the campground.
  • Access to Trails: Campers can access several trails in the vicinity for hiking and exploring the surrounding wilderness.

Activities and Recreation

The campground offers a variety of recreational opportunities:

  • Hiking: There are trails nearby for all levels of hikers, including paths leading to beautiful waterfalls and vistas.
  • Fishing: Lytle Creek is a popular spot for fishing, but visitors should check for California fishing regulations and acquire necessary permits.
  • Wildlife Viewing: The area is rich in wildlife, providing opportunities to see local fauna in their natural habitat.
  • Picnicking: The pleasant climate and setting make it an excellent spot for a day picnic.
  • Off-Road Vehicle Use: Certain areas nearby may permit the use of off-road vehicles.

Reservations and Fees

  • Reservations: Campsites at Applewhite Campground may require reservations, and it's best to check the current status and book sites through the National Recreation Reservation System or the forest service's website.
  • Fees: There are fees for camping, which vary according to the site and amenities. Campers should verify the latest fee schedule before planning their trip.

Rules and Regulations

  • Fire Restrictions: Due to the risk of wildfires, fire restrictions may be in place. Always follow the current guidelines for campfires and use designated fire rings.
  • Pet Policy: Pets are usually allowed but must be kept on leashes and supervised at all times.
  • Trash and Waste: Visitors are typically required to pack out their trash or use designated disposal facilities.
  • Quiet Hours: To ensure an enjoyable experience for all campers, quiet hours are usually enforced during the night.

Seasonal Access

While the campground is accessible year-round, the best time to visit is typically from late spring to early fall. Winter conditions can lead to closures or limited access due to snow and inclement weather.

Weather and Safety

Campers should be prepared for changing weather conditions and bring appropriate gear for both cold and warm weather. Always check the forecast before leaving and be aware of the potential for sudden changes in mountain weather. Remember that safety is a personal responsibility, so be prepared with a first aid kit, adequate food and water supplies, and inform someone of your plans.

Local Attractions

  • Lytle Creek Community Center: Visitors might enjoy exploring the local community center and learning about the history and cultural significance of the area.
  • Mount Baldy: This nearby peak provides additional hiking, skiing, and outdoor opportunities.

Contact Information

For the most current information, it's always a good idea to contact the San Bernardino National Forest's ranger district office:

  • Ranger Station Phone Number: Obtain the latest numbers from the US Forest Service website to ensure accurate and current contact details.

Remember, when visiting any natural area, practice Leave No Trace principles to preserve the beauty and integrity of the wilderness for future visitors.

Location of Applewhite Campground California
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All campsites booked in Applewhite Campground California? Create a scan and we’ll notify you when somebody cancels.
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