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Camping at North Shore Campground

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Location and Access

North Shore Campground is located within the San Bernardino National Forest, which lies in Southern California. The campground is specifically situated along the northern shore of Big Bear Lake, hence the name. Access to the campground is usually straightforward via the highways and local roads leading into the Big Bear Lake area.

Campsite Details

The campground typically offers a number of campsites that can accommodate both tent and RV camping, but no hookups are provided. Each campsite generally includes a picnic table, fire ring, and access to restrooms and drinking water. The exact number of sites and any associated amenities may vary, so it's recommended to review current details and make a reservation through the National Recreation Reservation System (Recreation.gov) prior to visiting.

Reservations and Fees

Campsites at North Shore Campground may be available both on a first-come-first-served basis and through reservations. Since popular camping times can result in full occupancy quickly, it is advisable to book in advance. Fees for camping are subject to change, thus it is best to check the latest fees when planning a trip.

Activities and Recreation

North Shore Campground is a popular destination for fishing, hiking, mountain biking, and boating. Visitors enjoy access to Big Bear Lake for water sports, and there are numerous trails in the vicinity for outdoor enthusiasts. During the winter, the area is also popular for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

Amenities and Facilities

The campground offers basic amenities which typically include:

  • Pit toilets or flush toilets
  • Potable water
  • Fire rings and picnic tables
  • Trash collection

For detailed and current information about the amenities, you should contact the local ranger station or check the forest's official website before your trip.

Rules and Regulations

As with all natural areas, there are specific rules in place to protect the environment and ensure visitor safety. Typical campground rules include:

  • Fire restrictions – These may vary depending on the season and current fire danger levels. Always check the current conditions and follow any posted rules regarding fires.
  • Pet policies – Pets are usually allowed but should be kept on a leash and under control at all times.
  • Quiet hours – To ensure an enjoyable experience for all campers, quiet hours are enforced, usually from late evening to early morning.
  • Leave No Trace principles – Visitors are expected to follow Leave No Trace guidelines to minimize their impact on the environment.

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Big Bear Lake experiences four distinct seasons. The best time to visit North Shore Campground will largely depend on the type of activities you're interested in. Summers are typically warm and conducive to water activities, while winters are cold and great for winter sports. Always check the weather forecast before your trip and be prepared for changing mountain weather conditions.

Contact Information and Resources

For up-to-date information about the North Shore Campground, it is recommended to reach out to the San Bernardino National Forest's administrative offices or check their official U.S. Forest Service website. There, you will find contact details, current conditions, recreational opportunities, and guidelines for a safe and enjoyable camping experience.

Location of North Shore Campground
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