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Camping at Godman Guard Station

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Location and Access

Godman Guard Station is nestled in the Umatilla National Forest, which encompasses an area in the Blue Mountains of northeast Oregon and parts of southeast Washington. Access to Godman Guard Station typically involves traveling on a combination of paved and gravel roads, which might require vehicles with good clearance and potentially 4WD, especially in inclement weather.

Accommodation and Amenities

The Godman Guard Station typically offers a rustic style of accommodation, providing a unique experience that might include facilities such as:

  • Cabin Rentals: A historic cabin that can usually be rented out, with the accommodation providing basic furniture like beds or bunks, a table, and possibly a wood stove for heating.
  • Cooking Facilities: There might be limited cooking facilities, so visitors should plan to bring their own cooking supplies and portable stoves.
  • Water: Drinking water may not be readily available, and visitors should either bring their own or be prepared to treat or boil water from nearby natural sources.
  • Restrooms: Typically, there will be vault toilets or other basic restroom facilities on-site.


Godman Guard Station provides access to a variety of outdoor activities, including:

  • Hiking: The surrounding Umatilla National Forest offers numerous hiking trails ranging from easy walks to challenging treks.
  • Wildlife Watching: The forest is home to an array of wildlife, and visitors can enjoy bird watching or looking for larger animals like deer, elk, and sometimes even bears, with appropriate precautions.
  • Horseback Riding: There may be trails suitable for horseback riding in the vicinity.
  • Mountain Biking: Some trails can accommodate mountain bikers looking for off-road adventure.
  • Winter Sports: During the winter, the area is often suitable for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling.

Considerations and Regulations

  • Reservations: Reservations are often required to stay at the guard station, and it's best to book in advance.
  • Leave No Trace: It's imperative that visitors adhere to Leave No Trace principles, packing out all trash, minimizing the impact on the environment, and respecting wildlife.
  • Pets: The policy on pets varies, and visitors should check regulations prior to bringing animals.
  • Fires: Due to the risk of wildfires, there may be restrictions on campfires, especially during dry periods. Always follow local fire regulations.

Weather and Seasonal Information

The climate in this part of the Umatilla National Forest can vary considerably:

  • Summer: Warm and dry, with cooler temperatures at night.
  • Winter: Cold and snowy, with the potential for heavy snowfall making access difficult.

Seasonal road closures can also affect access to the guard station, and it is crucial for visitors to check current conditions and weather forecasts before their trip.

Contact Before You Go

Since conditions, amenities, and regulations can change, it's essential to contact the Umatilla National Forest ranger district office directly for the most current information regarding Godman Guard Station. They can provide details on access, reservations, permits needed, and any specific alerts or advisories that may be in place.

Location of Godman Guard Station
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