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Camping at Fry Meadows Guard Station Campground

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Location and Access:

Fry Meadows Guard Station Campground is located within the Umatilla National Forest, which spans parts of southeastern Washington and northeastern Oregon. Access to the campground typically requires a vehicle capable of traversing forested roads, which may be unpaved and in varying conditions depending on the season. It's important to check road conditions before your trip, especially after weather events that may cause obstructions or closures.

Campground Features:

Facilities: The Fry Meadows Guard Station may offer basic camping amenities. This could include a guard station cabin, picnic tables, fire rings, and potentially toilet facilities. Since services can vary or change over time, it's advised to contact the Umatilla National Forest office for the most current details on what is provided.

Camp Sites: The number of campsites and their specific features, such as hookup availability, size, and privacy, may vary. Typically, sites are more primitive and suited for tent camping or small recreational vehicles.

Water Access: Freshwater sources could be on-site or nearby. Campers should always treat water from natural sources before consumption, unless it is specifically designated as potable.


Hiking and Trails: Many visitors to Umatilla National Forest enjoy hiking the numerous trails. Fry Meadows Guard Station Campground may serve as a starting point or a stopover for hikers exploring the area.

Wildlife Viewing: The surrounding forest provides habitat for diverse wildlife, and the campground might offer opportunities for viewing animals and birds in their natural environment.

Fishing and Hunting: Depending on the season and local regulations, Fry Meadows Guard Station Campground can be an excellent location for fishing and hunting. Always check for license requirements and regulations before participating in these activities.

Reservations and Fees:

Booking: Campsite reservations might be available through a reservation system used by the U.S. Forest Service, or it may operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Cost: Fees for camping can vary based on the type of site and amenities offered at the campground. Visitors should contact forest service officials for the most up-to-date pricing.

Regulations and Safety:

Campfire Restrictions: Depending on the current fire danger level, there may be restrictions on campfires. It's essential to follow any posted regulations and to be responsible with any open flame.

Wildlife Precautions: To ensure safety and the protection of local wildlife, proper food storage and waste disposal are critical. This helps minimize the chance of attracting bears and other animals to the campsite.

Weather Preparedness: The weather can change rapidly in forested mountainous areas. Campers should come prepared for various conditions and have gear suitable for cold, heat, rain, or snow, depending on the season.

To get the most accurate and detailed information regarding Fry Meadows Guard Station Campground, it is best to contact the Umatilla National Forest Ranger District or visit the official website. They can provide the latest updates on conditions, availability, and any other specific queries you may have about planning a trip to the area.

Location of Fry Meadows Guard Station Campground
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