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Camping at Summit Springs Guard Station State Park Campground

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Location and Accessibility

Summit Springs Guard Station State Park Campground is located within the Ashley National Forest which spans parts of northeastern Utah and southwestern Wyoming. The exact location of Summit Springs must be verified as information specific to Summit Springs Guard Station State Park Campground in Ashley National Forest is not universally recognized. It's important to note that guard stations are typically in remote areas and may require traveling on unpaved roads. It's advisable to check current road conditions and access routes before your trip.

Facilities and Amenities

Facilities at guard stations vary, but they typically offer basic amenities. Summit Springs Guard Station, if it is similar to other guard stations, may provide:

  • Potable water
  • Restrooms
  • Fire rings
  • Picnic tables
  • Limited or no electrical hookups

Since guard stations are often historic and rustic, they might not have modern conveniences available at more developed campgrounds. It’s advisable to check with the local ranger district for specific amenity information.


Activities at Summit Springs Guard Station may include:

  • Hiking: Trails in the vicinity offer the chance to explore the diverse landscape and wildlife of Ashley National Forest.
  • Fishing: Nearby streams and lakes could provide opportunities for fishing.
  • Wildlife Viewing: Forests like Ashley National Forest are habitats for a variety of wildlife.
  • Photography: Scenic landscapes offer ample photography opportunities.

Campsite Reservations and Usage Limits

Campsite reservations can often be made through platforms like Recreation.gov. There may also be usage limits for how long you can stay at the guard station. Verify whether Summit Springs Guard Station State Park Campground operates on a reservation system or is first-come, first-served.

Fees and Permits

There may be fees for camping, and if it's part of a state park system, a vehicle pass or entrance fee could be required. Some activities like fishing may require a state permit or license.

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Weather in the region can be highly variable with cold temperatures and snow possible outside of the summer months. The best time to visit is likely late spring through early fall for the most comfortable camping conditions. Always check weather forecasts ahead of your trip.

Safety Tips and Regulations

  • Prepare for limited cell phone coverage.
  • Follow fire safety regulations; check for any burn bans or fire restrictions.
  • Be aware of wildlife and practice bear safety, if applicable.
  • Leave no trace and pack out all waste to preserve the environment.

Local Contacts

For the most accurate and current information, contacting the local ranger district within the Ashley National Forest is recommended as they can provide details on accessibility, reservations, fees, and seasonal conditions:

  • Ashley National Forest Supervisor's Office
  • Local Ranger District

Before your trip, ensure you have confirmed the name and location of the campground, as "Summit Springs Guard Station State Park Campground" may be confused with other similar sites within Ashley National Forest or in neighboring areas. Always plan your trip with the latest information from official sources.

Location of Summit Springs Guard Station State Park Campground
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