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Camping at Cedar Springs Campground

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Overview of Cedar Springs Campground

Cedar Springs Campground is located within the Ashley National Forest in northeastern Utah, offering a blend of natural beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities. Nestled among a backdrop of cedar trees and diverse landscapes, the campground provides an ideal setting for camping enthusiasts to disconnect and enjoy nature.

Campsite Details and Amenities

Campsites: Cedar Springs Campground includes several individual sites suitable for tent and RV camping. Most sites have a picnic table, fire ring, and access to vault toilets.

RVs and Trailers: Sites can typically accommodate both RVs and trailers, but size limitations may vary. It's important to check the maximum vehicle length for each campsite.

Water: While some national forest campgrounds offer drinking water, you should verify if Cedar Springs Campground has potable water available or if you'll need to bring your own.

Electricity and Hookups: Typically, sites in national forest campgrounds do not offer electric, water, or sewer hookups. Check the specific campground details for information on available amenities.

Recreational Activities

Hiking and Trails: The campground is often in close proximity to trails ranging from easy walks to challenging hikes.

Water Recreation: If Cedar Springs Campground is near a lake, river, or stream, activities such as fishing, swimming, and boating might be available.

Wildlife Viewing: The forest setting offers chances to observe wildlife in their natural habitat. Remember to respect wildlife and maintain a safe distance.

Access and Location

Road Access: Access to Cedar Springs Campground is typically through forest service roads which can be narrow and winding. It’s important to check the road conditions before starting your trip, especially if traveling with larger RVs or trailers.

Directions: Detailed directions should be acquired prior to departure as GPS systems are not always reliable in remote forest areas.

Reservations and Fees

Reservations: Campsites may be available on a first-come, first-served basis or reservable through a recreation.gov or a similar service. Check ahead of time, especially during peak seasons.

Fees: There is usually a nightly fee for camping, and additional costs may apply for extra vehicles or amenities. Be sure to carry cash or a check as many campgrounds do not accept credit cards.

Seasonal Availability

Operating Season: Many campgrounds in the Ashley National Forest are seasonal and not open year-round due to weather conditions. Understand the opening and closing dates for Cedar Springs Campground.

Weather: The weather can change rapidly, and nights can be cool, so ensure you’ve packed suitable gear for all conditions.

Rules and Regulations

Stay Limits: National forests often have stay limits (e.g., 14 consecutive days), after which campers must relocate to prevent resource damage.

Pets: Pets are usually allowed but need to be managed according to forest regulations, like keeping them on a leash and cleaning up after them.

Fire Safety: Check for current fire restrictions. Sometimes, due to dry conditions, campfires might be prohibited.

Important Considerations

Preparedness: Cell service may be unreliable or non-existent, so important information should be printed or saved offline.

Leave No Trace: Follow Leave No Trace principles to minimize impact on the environment during your stay.

Emergencies: Know the location of the nearest hospital or emergency services and have a plan for how to reach them if necessary.

For the most current and specific information about Cedar Springs Campground in Ashley National Forest, reach out directly to the forest service or visit their official website. Always verify details before planning your trip, as conditions and amenities can change.

Location of Cedar Springs Campground
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