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Camping at Big Rock Campground

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Location and Access

Big Rock Campground is situated within the White Mountain National Forest, which is located in New Hampshire. Access to the campground typically involves traveling on well-maintained roads, but always check local conditions as weather can impact road accessibility. Note that, in the winter, some roads may be closed or only open to vehicles with four-wheel drive or chains.


The campsites at Big Rock Campground offer basic amenities. Campsites are likely to include:

  • Graveled or dirt tent pads
  • Fire rings
  • Picnic tables

There are a limited number of sites, so during peak season, it’s advisable to book in advance if possible. Some sites may be first-come, first-served.


Common amenities provided at the campground may include:

  • Potable water spigots
  • Vault toilets
  • A campground host during the high season

Do not expect amenities such as electrical hookups, showers, or a camp store. Campers should plan on being relatively self-sufficient.

Recreational Activities

Big Rock Campground provides access to a variety of outdoor activities, including:

  • Hiking trails of varying difficulty, accessing scenic views and backcountry areas
  • Fishing in nearby streams and lakes
  • Exploring the diverse ecology of the forest
  • Wildlife viewing, with the chance to see animals like moose and black bear

Always practice Leave No Trace principles to preserve the environment for future visitors.

Reservations and Fees

Some campgrounds in White Mountain National Forest offer reservations through a central reservation system, which can be accessed online or by phone. There may be a daily fee to camp, and additional costs for other services such as firewood. Check in advance for the most current fee structure and reservation policies.

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Weather in the White Mountains can be unpredictable, so check the forecast in advance. Summer and fall are popular times to visit due to the pleasant weather and fall foliage. However, experienced winter campers can also enjoy the beauty of the snow-covered landscape. Be prepared for chilly nights even in the summer.

Rules and Regulations

  • Follow all fire restrictions and guidelines.
  • Pets are usually allowed but must be kept on a leash.
  • Quiet hours are typically enforced to ensure a peaceful experience for all campers.
  • A valid Recreation Pass may be required for your vehicle.
  • Specific rules regarding food storage may be in place to prevent issues with bears and other wildlife.


  • Be bear-aware and store food appropriately.
  • Be prepared for changing weather conditions and have suitable gear.
  • If hiking, carry a map, compass, and safety equipment, and let someone know your itinerary.

Contact Information

Before traveling to Big Rock Campground, consider contacting the Forest Service or the local ranger district for the most current information regarding conditions, reservations, and any specific advisories:

  • White Mountain National Forest Supervisor's Office: This is the main contact point for overall information about the forest, including campground status and regulations.

  • Local Ranger District: For up-to-date local information, the nearest ranger district office to Big Rock Campground can provide on-the-ground specifics and any recent changes in the area.

Always ensure that your visit is planned with consideration for safety, adherence to regulations, and respect for the natural environment.

Location of Big Rock Campground
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All campsites booked in Big Rock Campground? Create a scan and we’ll notify you when somebody cancels.
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