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Camping at Riverside Campground

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Location and Access

Riverside Campground is situated in the scenic Sawtooth National Forest, which is located in central Idaho, United States. Access to the camper-friendly Riverside Campground typically involves a drive along scenic byways and potentially mountainous terrain. The nearest towns may be a considerable distance away, so visitors are advised to ensure they have all necessary supplies before heading to the campground.

Camping Facilities

The campground typically provides basic amenities which may include:

  • Campsites: Equipped with picnic tables, fire rings, and space for tents
  • Toilets: Vault toilets are common in such campgrounds
  • Drinking Water: Availability varies, so it’s best to check beforehand or come prepared with your own
  • Garbage Disposal: Facilities may be limited, and campers are often encouraged to practice "Leave No Trace" ethics


Riverside Campground offers access to a variety of outdoor recreational activities:

  • Fishing: The campground is likely near a river or stream known for trout fishing
  • Hiking: There are usually multiple trails in the area, ranging from easy to difficult
  • Wildlife Viewing: The forest is home to a diverse range of wildlife
  • Water Activities: Depending on the specifics of the location, kayaking, rafting, or swimming might be popular

Reservations and Fees

Depending on the management of the campground, reservations may be possible through a national recreation reservation system. There is usually a fee for camping, which varies depending on the facilities and the length of stay.

Seasonal Access

The Sawtooth National Forest and the campground may be subject to seasonal closures due to snow and winter conditions. Typically, the campground operates from late spring through fall.

Regulations and Safety

  • Fire Restrictions: These can vary depending on the season and fire danger levels
  • Wildlife Precautions: Proper food storage is typically required to avoid attracting bears and other wildlife
  • Campfire Rules: Follow any regulations regarding campfires, including restrictions during high fire danger periods

Before visiting, it's always a good idea to check with the local forest service or ranger district for the most current information on conditions, restrictions, and campground operations.

Location of Riverside Campground
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