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Camping at Kelly Pines Campground

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Overview of Kelly Pines Campground

Kelly Pines Campground is a rustic camping option located in the Allegheny National Forest in Pennsylvania. It provides a serene setting for campers looking to enjoy the beauty of nature without the presence of modern amenities.


Kelly Pines Campground is situated within the Allegheny National Forest close to Marienville, PA. The exact location can usually be pinpointed using forest maps, GPS, or forest service resources.

Facilities and Amenities

Primitive Camping Experience:

  • Kelly Pines is primitive in nature, meaning it offers a very basic camping experience with limited or no services.

Camping Sites:

  • The Campground offers a number of campsites, although the exact number and layout can occasionally change based on forest management decisions and environmental conditions.


  • Campsites typically come with a space for a tent, a fire ring, and a picnic table.
  • There are generally no electric hookups, running water, or modern restroom facilities.
  • Pit toilets might be available as the only form of sanitation.


  • The campground may not be fully accessible to those with mobility impairments due to its primitive nature.


Outdoor Recreation:

  • Hiking: The surrounding area offers trails for a range of hiking experiences.
  • Wildlife Viewing: The forest environment is rich in wildlife, making it great for observation and photography.
  • Fishing: Nearby streams and rivers may provide opportunities for fishing.


  • The Allegheny National Forest itself is a significant attraction, with vast landscapes and natural beauty.

Special Considerations:

  • Ensure to adhere to Leave No Trace principles to preserve the natural environment.
  • The use of local firewood is encouraged to prevent the spread of invasive species.

Reservations and Fees

Booking Process:

  • Kelly Pines Campground may operate on a first-come, first-served basis, or it could potentially be reserved through a reservation system managed by the Forest Service or a third-party provider.


  • Fees for camping at such primitive campgrounds are typically minimal, but campers should check current rates before planning their trip.

Seasonal Access


  • Some campgrounds in the Allegheny National Forest may be seasonal, closing in the winter due to inaccessible roads or harsh weather conditions.

Weather Considerations:

  • Campers should be prepared for changing weather and cooler temperatures, especially in the evenings, given the forest location.

Contact Information

Forest Service:

  • Before heading to the campground, it's a good idea to contact the local Ranger District office for the latest information on conditions, fees, and regulations.

Online Resources:

  • The USDA Forest Service website often provides detailed information and updates about their campgrounds, including Kelly Pines.

Safety and Regulations

Fire Safety:

  • Follow all guidelines for fire safety, including restrictions on open fires especially during dry conditions.

Wildlife Precautions:

  • Secure food and manage waste to avoid attracting wildlife to the campsite.

Environmental Impact:

  • Pack out all trash and leave the campground as you found it or better.


  • If pets are allowed, they should be kept under control at all times and their waste should be managed properly.


Kelly Pines Campground offers an undisturbed camping experience for those seeking to immerse themselves in nature. Campers should be prepared for a rustic experience and should plan accordingly by bringing necessary supplies and gear for a self-sufficient trip. Always check for the latest information and regulations with the Forest Service before embarking on your camping adventure.

Location of Kelly Pines Campground
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All campsites booked in Kelly Pines Campground? Create a scan and we’ll notify you when somebody cancels.
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