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Camping at Sutton Campground

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Overview of Sutton Campground

Sutton Campground is situated in the stunning Siuslaw National Forest in Oregon, not far from the Pacific Coast. This campground offers a beautiful natural setting among a dense forest of Sitka spruce and Douglas fir, providing campers with a typical Pacific Northwest forest experience. Its proximity to the ocean allows for easy access to beaches and coastal activities.

Location and Accessibility

Sutton Campground is located a couple of miles inland from the Oregon coast, near the town of Florence. The exact location can be accessed via the Oregon Coast Highway (U.S. Highway 101), which runs along the Pacific Coast. The campground is generally accessible by most vehicles, but it's always a good idea to check local conditions, especially if you're towing a large RV or trailer.

Campsites and Facilities

  • Number of Sites: The campground has numerous sites available for tents and RVs, with varying levels of amenities.
  • RVs and Trailers: There are options for RVs, though the length of sites and availability of hookups can vary, so it's important to check specifics when booking.
  • Amenities: You'll usually find picnic tables, campfire rings, flush toilets, and potable water. Shower facilities may also be available.
  • Reservations: Many sites are available for reservation, while some may be kept as first-come, first-served.

Activities and Recreation

  • Hiking: There are several trails accessible from the campground that explore the coastal forest and dune ecosystems. The Sutton Trail is one such example.
  • Beach Access: Within a short drive, visitors can reach a number of beautiful beaches for activities like tide pooling, beachcombing, and sometimes clamming.
  • Fishing and Boating: Nearby lakes and rivers offer freshwater fishing, kayaking, and canoeing opportunities.
  • Wildlife Watching: The area is rich in wildlife; you may encounter species like Roosevelt elk, black-tailed deer, and a variety of birdlife.

What to Bring

  • Camping Essentials: Tent, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, camping stove, food, and cooking utensils.
  • Clothing: The Oregon coast can be damp and cool, even in summer, so pack layers and waterproof gear.
  • Safety Items: First aid kit, map, compass, and possibly a GPS device.

Booking and Fees

  • Booking: Campsite reservations can be made in advance through the National Recreation Reservation System (recreation.gov). It's highly recommended to book early, especially during peak summer months.
  • Fees: There will be nightly fees for campsite use, which can vary based on the site and amenities.

Camping Regulations

  • Length of Stay: There is typically a limit to the number of consecutive nights you can stay, often around 14 days.
  • Pets: Pets are usually allowed but must be kept on a leash and supervised at all times.
  • Fires: Campfires must be contained within designated fire rings or pits, and fire restrictions may be in place during dry conditions.

Environmental Concerns

  • Leave No Trace: Campers are encouraged to follow Leave No Trace principles to minimize their impact on the natural environment.
  • Wildlife: Do not feed wildlife and store food securely to avoid attracting animals to campsites.

Caution and Safety

  • Weather: Be prepared for changing weather conditions and know how to react to coastal storms and high winds if they arise.
  • Tides: If venturing onto the beaches, be aware of the local tide tables to avoid being caught by high tides.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Have a plan for emergencies, including knowledge of the nearest hospital or means to contact rangers or police.

It's always prudent to check the latest campground conditions and any alerts or updates regarding the Siuslaw National Forest before planning your trip to Sutton Campground. Safe and responsible camping will ensure that you have an enjoyable and memorable outdoor experience.

Location of Sutton Campground
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