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Camping at Spinreel Sand Camping Campground

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Spinreel Sand Camping Campground is a popular destination located within the Siuslaw National Forest along the beautiful Oregon coast. This campground offers a unique experience as it's situated directly on the sand, making it an ideal spot for off-highway vehicle (OHV) enthusiasts and those looking to camp near the dunes.

Location and Access

Spinreel Sand Camping Campground is found along the central Oregon coast, near the towns of North Bend and Coos Bay. Access to the campground typically requires a vehicle capable of driving on sand, as the sites are dispersed along the dunes. Visitors should follow the guidelines provided by the Siuslaw National Forest for routes and areas where vehicles are permitted.

Camping Experience

Camping on the Dunes: Spinreel offers a unique camping experience as you get to pitch your tent or park your RV right on the sand. This gives direct access to the dunes and the Pacific Ocean.

Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Use: This area is popular among OHV users, with miles of sand dunes to explore. The campground is integrated within the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, which provides a playground for riders of all skill levels.

Reservations and Fees

Reservations: Sites at Spinreel can be reserved in advance, typically through the official forest service or a designated booking website. During the peak season and weekends, it's highly recommended to book your site early due to the popularity of dune camping.

Fees: There are camping fees associated with staying at Spinreel Sand Camping Campground. These fees may vary depending on the time of year and the type of site you reserve. Additionally, all vehicles, including OHVs, will require a pass to operate in the area.

Amenities and Facilities

Basic Amenities: Being a dispersed campground, amenities at Spinreel are minimal. There are no electrical hookups, water spigots, or dedicated restroom facilities in the dunes. Campers must be prepared to be self-contained and bring all necessary supplies, including water and portable toilets.

Safety and Regulations

OHV Regulations: Riders must adhere to all OHV rules and regulations, including speed limits, helmet requirements, and areas designated for riding. All vehicles need to be properly registered and display a flag at a specific height for visibility over the dunes.

Fire Safety: Due to the risk of wildfires, there are strict regulations about campfires. Campers should check current conditions and restrictions before lighting any fire.

Environmental Protection: The campground is in a sensitive environment. Campers should follow Leave No Trace principles, pack out all trash, and respect wildlife and plant life in the area.

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Seasonal Weather: The weather on the Oregon Coast can be unpredictable and can change rapidly. Fog, wind, and rain are common, so campers should be prepared for all conditions.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Spinreel Sand Camping Campground is typically during the summer months when the weather is more stable and warm, making it more enjoyable for camping and riding the dunes.


Spinreel Sand Camping Campground in Siuslaw National Forest offers a unique camping and recreation experience on Oregon's scenic coast. When planning a trip to this area, it's crucial to be well-prepared, follow all regulations, and respect the natural surroundings to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit.

Location of Spinreel Sand Camping Campground
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