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Camping at Arkansas River - Toad Suck Ferry State Park

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Toad Suck Ferry State Park Overview

Toad Suck Ferry State Park is located on the Arkansas River at the site of the historic Toad Suck Ferry crossing in Central Arkansas. The park is a popular recreation area offering a variety of activities for visitors, including camping, picnicking, and boating. It's a great place to enjoy the natural beauty of Arkansas and experience the Arkansas River.

Camping Information

Campsites: The park offers a range of camping options from RV sites with full hookups to more primitive tent sites. Visitors should check the current status of camping facilities before planning their trip, as services can fluctuate with demand and season.

Reservations: Camping spots can be reserved in advance to ensure availability, especially during peak season or holidays when the park is likely to be more crowded.

Amenities: Camping amenities typically include restrooms, showers, picnic tables, grills, and often a playground for children. There might be limitations or closures, so it's wise to confirm available services when booking.

Camping Rules:

  • Campfires should be kept in designated fire rings or grills.
  • Quite hours are usually enforced to ensure all visitors have a peaceful experience.
  • Pets must be kept on a leash.
  • Wildlife should not be fed or disturbed.

Recreational Activities

Boating: The park has a boat ramp, making it a convenient location for boating enthusiasts to access the Arkansas River.

Fishing: Fishing is a popular activity in the area; anglers can expect to find species like catfish, bass, and crappie.

Picnicking: Visitors can use the picnic areas that are usually equipped with tables and sometimes pavilions for larger groups.

Local Attractions

  • Toad Suck Lock and Dam: Learn about the river's navigation system and watch boats as they pass through the lock.
  • Conway: A nearby city offering shopping, dining, and cultural experiences.

Need to Know

  • Weather: Arkansas weather can be variable, with hot summers and mild winters. Be prepared for the weather expected during your visit.
  • Wildlife: The park is home to a variety of wildlife. Always view wildlife from a safe distance and secure food items to avoid attracting animals to camp.
  • Conservation: Respect nature by not littering and by staying on designated trails and areas to prevent erosion and habitat disturbance.

Contact Information and Directions

For the most up-to-date information, contacting the park directly is recommended. Details for campground reservations, current conditions, and any questions you may have can be obtained by reaching out to the park's management. Additionally, directions to the park should be reviewed in advance, especially if approaching from a remote area or if you're unfamiliar with the region.

Always check local park websites or contact the park to obtain the most current information before embarking on your camping trip, as parks may have specific rules, closures, or alerts that can affect your visit.

Map of Campgrounds in Arkansas River - Toad Suck Ferry State Park
Campgrounds in Arkansas River - Toad Suck Ferry State Park
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