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Camping at Tilden Regional Park

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Overview of Tilden Regional Park

Tilden Regional Park, nestled in the Berkeley Hills above the city of Berkeley in Alameda County, California, is a popular nature park spanning over 2,000 acres. Its natural splendor, variety of recreational facilities, and rich history make it a favored destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Location and Directions

Location: Tilden is situated between the Berkeley Hills and the San Pablo Ridge. Its main entrances can be found on Canon Drive, Shasta Road, and Grizzly Peak Boulevard.

Directions: Getting to Tilden requires a drive through the winding roads of the Berkeley Hills. Public transportation options are limited, but some buses run nearby. Always check the current schedules if you're planning to use public transport.

Camping Facilities and Information

Wildcat Campground: This is the primary camping area in Tilden offering a rustic camping experience. It's important to highlight that the facilities are very minimal and designed for a more back-to-basics style of camping.

  • Number of Sites: There are a few campgrounds available, each providing a different number of camp facilities.
  • Amenities: Most sites include a fire pit, picnic table, and nearby restrooms. Do not expect RV hookups, showers, or other modern conveniences.
  • Reservations: It’s critical to reserve your campsite in advance, especially during peak season. This can typically be done through the park’s website or by calling the park’s reservation system.
  • Fees: There is usually a nightly fee for camping which varies depending on the size of the site and the facilities provided.

Recreational Activities

  • Hiking and Trails: Tilden Regional Park is crisscrossed with trails suitable for hiking, horseback riding, and in some places, mountain biking.
  • Nature Exploration: The park is home to the Tilden Nature Area, which includes an environmental education center, the Little Farm, and the Jewel Lake Nature Study Area.
  • Picnicking: There are plenty of picnic areas with tables and grills spread throughout the park.
  • Swimming: The park has a recreational swimming facility at Lake Anza, although it is only open seasonally.
  • Golfing and Other Sports: You'll find a botanical garden, an 18-hole public golf course, and sports fields.

Rules and Regulations

  • Fires: Due to the risk of wildfires, fire regulations are strict. Only use designated fire pits and follow all park rules regarding fires.
  • Wildlife: Do not feed the wildlife and make sure all food is stored properly to avoid attracting animals to campsites.
  • Leave No Trace: It’s imperative to pack out what you pack in and leave the park as untouched as possible.
  • Pets: Dogs are allowed in some areas of the park but must be kept on a leash at all times.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol is permitted in some areas but may be restricted in others.
  • Quiet Hours: Generally, quiet hours are from 10 PM to 7 AM.

Booking and Contact Information

For the most current camping information, including how to book a campsite and any changes to rules or fees, you should directly contact the park or visit their official website. Tilden Regional Park is part of the East Bay Regional Park District, which manages the reservations and maintenance of the facilities.

East Bay Regional Park District Information:

  • Website: https://www.ebparks.org
  • Phone: You can find the contact number for reservations and general inquiries on their website.

Remember to always check the latest park information and any advisories or weather conditions before you go camping.

Map of Campgrounds in Tilden Regional Park
Campgrounds in Tilden Regional Park
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All campsites booked in Tilden Regional Park? Create a scan and we’ll notify you when somebody cancels.
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