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Camping at Horse Camp

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Overview of Horse Camp in Tilden Regional Park

Tilden Regional Park is a vast natural area located within the East Bay Regional Park District, near Berkeley, California. Horse Camp at Tilden Park is a site that caters specifically to equestrians and their horses, offering amenities and facilities designed for horseback riding and camping with horses.

Location and Accessibility

Horse Camp is situated within Tilden Regional Park, known for its beautiful trails, scenic views, and diverse wildlife. It's relatively accessible from major roads and highways in the Bay Area. However, visitors should confirm the exact location and best routes before their visit, as last-minute changes could occur due to weather or park maintenance.

Facilities and Amenities

Camping Features:

  • Equestrian Campsites: The campsite is equipped to accommodate both people and horses, with designated areas for tents and horse trailers.
  • Horse Amenities: These may include corrals, hitching posts, water troughs, and feed stations.
  • Restrooms: Basic restroom facilities are usually available, but they may not include showers.

Additional Park Amenities:

  • Trails: A network of trails specifically designed for horseback riding. These trails are shared with hikers and sometimes bicyclists.
  • Picnic Areas: There are spots where visitors can relax and enjoy meals.
  • Nature Programs: The park may offer educational programs and guided tours, which could be of interest to campers.


Horse Camp provides direct access to activities such as:

  • Horseback Riding: This is the primary activity at Horse Camp, with numerous trails that offer diverse terrain and stunning views.
  • Hiking: Many trails within the park are open to hikers, so visitors can explore the park on foot as well.
  • Nature Observation: Tilden Park is known for its rich biodiversity, making it an excellent place for birdwatching and spotting wildlife.
  • Botanical Garden: The Regional Parks Botanic Garden, which showcases California native plants, is located within Tilden Park.

Reservations and Fees

Reservation Process:

  • Advanced Booking: Camp sites are likely to require advanced reservations, which can typically be made through the park district's official website or by calling their reservation line.
  • Fees: Expect to pay a fee for camping that includes the usage of equestrian facilities. Fees can vary based on the season, length of stay, and number of horses.

Rules and Regulations

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors, certain rules must be adhered to, such as:

  • Quiet Hours: To maintain a peaceful environment, most parks enforce quiet hours during the night.
  • Leave No Trace: Campers are expected to clean up after themselves and their horses, packing out all trash and maintaining the cleanliness of the campsite.
  • Horse Health Requirements: Park authorities may require proof of certain vaccinations or health checks for horses to prevent the spread of diseases.
  • Campfire Restrictions: Be aware of fire regulations, as campfires may be prohibited during high fire risk periods.

Planning and Preparation

Before heading to Horse Camp, here are some key components to consider:

  • Weather Forecast: Always check the weather and bring appropriate gear for the conditions.
  • Park Alerts: Look for any park alerts that might impact your trip, including trail closures or special advisories.
  • Safety Precautions: Carry a first aid kit for both humans and horses, and be ready to handle equine emergencies.
  • Local Services: Know the location of the nearest veterinary clinic and other essential services in case of an emergency.

Please Note: It's important to check with the East Bay Regional Park District for the most current information regarding Horse Camp at Tilden Regional Park, as details can change over time or due to special circumstances.

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