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Camping at Bull Shoals Lake State Park

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Location and Access

Bull Shoals Lake State Park is located in north-central Arkansas. The park is a part of a larger complex that includes Bull Shoals Dam and the White River. It provides a gateway to the natural and recreational offerings of the region, including fishing, boating, and wildlife watching.

Camping Facilities

Camping at Bull Shoals Lake State Park includes a variety of options:

  • Tent Camping: There are designated areas where you can set up a tent and enjoy a more traditional camping experience.

  • RV Camping: The park has facilities that cater to RV campers with electrical and water hookups available. Some sites also offer sewer hookups.

  • Rentals: For those who prefer more comfortable accommodations, there are cabins and other rental facilities in the park or nearby.


Amenities in the park typically include:

  • Restrooms and Showers: Clean and accessible facilities are usually provided for campers.

  • Boat Launches: Since the park is known for water activities, boat launches are available for easy access to the lake.

  • Marina: The park or nearby areas often have a full-service marina with boat rentals, fishing supplies, and other conveniences.

  • Picnic Areas: Bull Shoals Lake State Park offers picnic areas, some that may include grills or fire pits.


The park offers a wide range of activities:

  • Fishing: The lake is known for bass fishing, and also has crappie, bream, and catfish.

  • Boating: With the expansive waters of Bull Shoals Lake, boating is a popular activity.

  • Hiking: There are trails for those who want to explore the natural beauty of the Ozarks on foot.

  • Swimming: Visitors can swim in the designated swimming areas in the lake.

  • Wildlife Watching: The park is home to various wildlife such as deer, turkeys, and a myriad of bird species.


To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, be aware of the following regulations:

  • Fire Safety: Be cautious with campfires and observe any fire restrictions, especially during dry periods.

  • Fishing Licenses: Anglers will need a valid Arkansas fishing license to fish in the lake and river.

  • Boat Regulation: All boating regulations for the state of Arkansas must be followed, including those regarding safety equipment.

  • Pet Rules: If you bring pets, they typically must be leashed, and you are expected to clean up after them.

Reservations and Fees

  • Reservations: It's recommended to make reservations in advance, especially during peak seasons and holidays. You can usually reserve a spot by visiting the Arkansas State Parks website or calling the park.

  • Fees: There are fees for camping, and they vary depending on the type of site and services provided. Day-use areas may also have a separate fee.

Seasonal Considerations

The park can be visited year-round, but services and availability of certain amenities might differ depending on the season. Summers can be quite hot and busy, while winters are quieter.

Before heading to Bull Shoals Lake State Park, always check the latest information from the Arkansas State Parks website or contact the park directly to get the most up-to-date details on conditions, services, and any advisories or restrictions that might be in effect.

Map of Campgrounds in Bull Shoals Lake State Park
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All campsites booked in Bull Shoals Lake State Park? Create a scan and we’ll notify you when somebody cancels.
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