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Camping at Pat Mayse West Campground

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Overview of Pat Mayse West Campground

Pat Mayse West Campground is located in Lamar County, Texas, within the Pat Mayse Lake area. This campground is managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers rather than a state park system. The campground and the lake are popular destinations for outdoor recreation, including camping, boating, fishing, swimming, and hiking.

Camping Facilities and Amenities

Pat Mayse West Campground offers various amenities to ensure a comfortable camping experience, including:

  • Campsite options: A range of campsites including those with electric hook-ups and some that cater to tent camping without electricity.
  • Picnic tables and fire rings: Most campsites are equipped with picnic tables and fire rings or grills.
  • Restrooms: The campground provides restrooms with flush toilets for campers’ convenience.
  • Drinking water: Potable water is available throughout the campground.
  • Dump Station: Facilities are provided for the disposal of RV waste.
  • Boat ramps: There are boat ramps in the vicinity for easy access to Pat Mayse Lake.
  • Swimming Area: Designated swimming areas allow visitors to enjoy the water during warmer months.

Recreational Activities

  • Boating: Pat Mayse Lake is suitable for a variety of boating activities, including sailing, powerboating, and canoeing.
  • Fishing: Anglers can fish for species such as catfish, crappie, and bass.
  • Hiking: While the surrounding area may not have extensive hiking trails, there are opportunities for nature walks.
  • Wildlife: The park and surrounding areas are home to a variety of wildlife, offering chances for bird watching and nature photography.
  • Swimming: There are designated swimming areas in the park, but it is important to swim only in these areas for safety.

Reservations and Fees

  • Reservations: Campsites at Pat Mayse West can often be reserved in advance through the National Recreation Reservation Service (NRRS) or by calling the toll-free reservation line.
  • Fees: Camping fees vary depending on the site and amenities chosen. There may be additional fees for using certain facilities or accessing the boat ramps.

Rules and Regulations

  • Check-in and check-out times: Standard check-in and check-out times apply, and campers are expected to adhere to these times.
  • Quiet hours: Typically, there are quiet hours starting from late evening until morning, during which guests are expected to keep noise to a minimum.
  • Pet policy: While pets are often allowed, they must be kept on a leash, and owners must clean up after them.
  • Fire policy: Open fires are generally allowed in designated areas like fire rings or grills, but there may be season-specific fire bans.
  • Alcohol: The consumption of alcohol may be restricted or prohibited. Campers should check the current regulations.

Safety Considerations

Since Pat Mayse West Campground is located near a large water body and natural areas, campers should be prepared with appropriate safety equipment and knowledge. Life jackets should be worn when on the water, sunscreen should be applied during outdoor activities, and insect repellent is advised to protect against ticks and mosquitoes.

Contact Information and Directions

To get current information, seek directions, or make reservations, it's advisable to contact the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' office directly or visit their website. This will also provide the most up-to-date information regarding any changes due to weather conditions, park maintenance, or other factors that may affect your visit to Pat Mayse West Campground.

Location of Pat Mayse West Campground
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