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Camping at Mallard Marsh Campground

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Mallard Marsh Campground is located within Deschutes National Forest in central Oregon, which is renowned for its captivating natural beauty, including forests, lakes, and mountain vistas. It's a destination that draws campers, hikers, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Campground Features

  • Sites: The campground usually features basic campsites suitable for tent camping, and some sites might accommodate RVs, although size restrictions may apply.
  • Accessibility: The campground is generally designed to accommodate a range of visitors, but specific accessibility features should be checked if needed.
  • Amenities: Amenities can include picnic tables, fire pits or grilles, and vault toilets. Running water is not always guaranteed, so visitors should verify whether they need to bring their own.


  • Fishing: Mallard Marsh is aptly named, as it offers opportunities for trout fishing.
  • Hiking: The surrounding Deschutes National Forest has an extensive network of trails for all levels of hikers.
  • Boating: Non-motorized boating is an enjoyable activity in nearby lakes, though specific rules apply to each body of water.


  • Campers may observe a variety of local wildlife, including birds, deer, and possibly even larger mammals such as elk. It's crucial to respect wildlife and follow guidelines to avoid attracting bears and other animals to the camp area.

Essential Tips

  • Book in Advance: Depending on the season, campgrounds in popular areas like Deschutes National Forest can fill up quickly, so early booking is recommended.
  • Permits: Some activities in the national forest require permits, especially when in designated wilderness areas; campers should ensure they have the necessary permissions.
  • Leave No Trace: This is a principle that visitors must adhere to, ensuring they leave the campground and surrounding area as they found it, if not better.
  • Weather Awareness: Conditions in mountainous regions can change swiftly; campers should come prepared for cold nights and variable weather.
  • Fire Safety: Follow all guidelines for campfires, and heed any fire restrictions or burn bans due to dry conditions.

Access and Local Services

  • Getting There: Mallard Marsh Campground will have specific directions for access from the nearest roadways and towns, often accessible by Forest Service roads that can be unpaved and narrow.
  • Nearest Town: It is advisable to stock up on supplies, fuel, and food in the closest town before heading to the campground as facilities in the area may be limited.
  • Emergency Services: It's important for visitors to know the locations of the nearest medical services and have a way to contact emergency services despite likely limited cell service.

Regulations and Restrictions

  • Site-Specific Rules: Campers must abide by posted rules concerning noise, the number of vehicles and people per site, and any site-specific regulations.
  • Pet Policies: If pets are welcome, they should be leashed and controlled at all times, and their waste should be disposed of properly.
  • Environmental Protections: There may be special rules in place to protect local ecosystems, such as restrictions on firewood transportation to prevent the spread of invasive species.

Reservation Information

  • Booking Process: Reservations for Mallard Marsh Campground can typically be made through Recreation.gov or by phone, but visitors should check the latest process as systems and policies may change.
  • Lead Time: Reservation windows and the lead time required can vary, with some locations opening bookings up to six months in advance.

Contact Information

For the most current information about Mallard Marsh Campground, campers should contact the Deschutes National Forest directly:

  • Deschutes National Forest: For general information, regulations, and updates.
  • Local Ranger Station: For on-the-ground information, conditions, and possibly permits.

Please note: For the most updated and specific information about Mallard Marsh Campground, including current status, closures, wildlife notices, and any health and safety advisories, always check with the Deschutes National Forest or the local ranger station before planning your trip.

Location of Mallard Marsh Campground
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