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Camping at Sites 027-036, 049-062

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Meadowbrook Public Campground is a popular destination for campers. To provide important information about sites 027-036 and 049-062, one would typically need to refer to specific campground resources or guides that provide details on site amenities, location, and any other unique features or restrictions. Without access to the most current data directly from the campground or local managing authorities, the following information offers a general outline that campers can expect for designated camping sites in a public campground setting.

Site Amenities

Sites 027-036, 049-062:

  • Electrical Hookups: Campsites may offer electrical hookups for RVs and trailers.
  • Water Access: There could be water spigots nearby or individual water hookups at each site.
  • Picnic Table: Most sites generally come with a picnic table for meals and gatherings.
  • Fire Ring: Usually, each site has a fire ring or a grill for cooking and warmth.
  • Site Surface: The surface might be gravel, dirt, or grass and should be level for tents or campers.
  • Shade Cover: Depending on the campground's layout, these sites may offer partial or full shade from trees.

Tent and RV Suitability

Size and Accommodation:

  • Tent Camping: The sites are likely suitable for tent camping, but check if the surface and size of the site meet your needs.
  • RVs and Trailers: For RVs and trailers, check the maximum length allowed and whether the sites provide pull-through access or back-in only.

Reservation and Occupancy Details

Booking and Fees:

  • Reservation System: Campsites are often reservable in advance, either online or by phone.
  • Fees: Expect to pay a nightly fee, which may vary based on the type and size of the site, as well as any additional amenities.

Occupancy Limits:

  • Number of People: Typically, a limit is placed on the number of people per site, often around 6-8 individuals.
  • Vehicles: There might be a limit to the number of vehicles permitted per site.

Campground Facilities and Services

General Campground Amenities:

  • Restrooms: Shared restrooms and showers are usually available within walking distance.
  • Dump Station: For RVs, a central dump station may be available for waste disposal.
  • Trash Disposal: Campgrounds typically have designated areas for trash.

Specific Regulations and Accessibility


  • Quiet Hours: Enforced quiet hours are common to ensure a peaceful environment for all campers.
  • Pet Policy: Many campgrounds are pet-friendly but require pets to be leashed and cleaned up after.
  • Alcohol and Firewood: Restrictions on alcohol consumption and outside firewood may apply to prevent disturbances and invasive species.


  • Accessibility: Some sites may be specifically designated as accessible for individuals with mobility challenges, with features like raised fire pits and extended picnic tables.

Surrounding Environment and Activities

Recreational Opportunities:

  • Hiking: The campground may provide access to trails.
  • Water Activities: Proximity to a lake or river could offer fishing, boating, or swimming opportunities.
  • Wildlife Viewing: The campground's natural setting is often ideal for watching local wildlife and birds.

Important Notes

  • It is critical to check the specific campground's website or contact the managing authority for the most current and accurate information before planning your trip.
  • Be prepared for seasonal variations or special advisories that may affect your stay, such as fire bans or weather warnings.
Location of Sites 027-036, 049-062
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All campsites booked in Sites 027-036, 049-062? Create a scan and we’ll notify you when somebody cancels.
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