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Camping at Loop 1

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Sampson State Park is located in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. It is a popular destination for campers, boaters, and history enthusiasts, as it was once a naval training station during World War II.

Camping Facilities

Loop 1 in Sampson State Park is part of the campground that offers several amenities for campers:

  • Sites: Loop 1 contains multiple campsites, including ones with electric hookups.
  • Restrooms: There are restrooms with showers located conveniently for campers.
  • Picnic Tables: Each campsite typically features a picnic table.
  • Fire Rings: Campsites usually include a fire ring for campfires and cooking.

Park Amenities

  • Boat Launch: There is a boat launch available for campers looking to enjoy Seneca Lake.
  • Trails: The park offers numerous trails for hiking and biking.
  • Swimming Pool: There may be a seasonal swimming pool open to campers.
  • Museum: The park features a museum highlighting its history as a military training station.


  • Quiet Hours: Sampson State Park typically enforces quiet hours from 10 PM to 7 AM.
  • Alcohol: Possession of alcohol may be regulated within the park, and the use of alcohol by minors is strictly prohibited.
  • Pets: Pets are often allowed but must be kept on a leash and attended at all times.


  • Booking Window: Reservations can usually be made 9 months in advance of your planned stay.
  • Payment: Campsite fees must be paid in advance, and there may be additional charges for extra vehicles.
  • Site Specificity: Some campgrounds allow you to reserve specific sites, so it's wise to check if Loop 1 offers this feature.

Season of Operation

  • Open Season: The camping season in Sampson State Park typically runs from early spring through late fall. However, it is important to check the current year's dates as they may vary.

Considerations for Loop 1

  • Location: Check the exact location of Loop 1 within the park for proximity to amenities like the lake, pool, or hiking trails.
  • Accessibility: Consider whether the campsites in Loop 1 meet any accessibility needs you may have.
  • Shade and Privacy: Review the layout and vegetation of Loop 1 to understand the level of shade and privacy provided by each campsite.

Additional Information

For the most current and detailed information, you should contact the park directly or visit its official website. Additionally, reviewing campground maps and visitors' reviews could offer more insight into what to expect from Loop 1 in Sampson State Park.

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