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Camping at Star Meadows Guard Station Campground

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Overview of Star Meadows Guard Station

Star Meadows Guard Station is located in the Flathead National Forest in Montana. This historical site offers a unique camping experience, allowing visitors to stay in a cabin that was once used by forest rangers.


The campground is situated in the northwest part of Montana, near Whitefish and the western boundary of Glacier National Park. The surrounding area is characterized by a dense coniferous forest, with access to a variety of outdoor activities.

Facilities and Amenities

The Guard Station typically provides basic amenities such as:

  • A historic cabin with limited furnishings
  • Potable water (availability may be seasonal)
  • Toilet facilities, usually vault toilets

Remember that amenities might be rustic, and visitors should be prepared to pack out all waste and leave no trace of their stay.


Visitors to Star Meadows Guard Station can indulge in numerous recreational activities, including:

  • Hiking: There are many trails available in the Flathead National Forest for all skill levels.
  • Wildlife viewing: The area is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including bears, which necessitates proper food storage and safety precautions.
  • Fishing: Nearby streams and lakes offer opportunities for fishing.
  • Sightseeing: Proximity to Glacier National Park allows for breathtaking scenery and additional hiking opportunities.

Reservations and Fees

Reservations for the Guard Station are likely required, especially during peak seasons. Fees for staying at the cabin are determined by the Forest Service and are subject to change.

Access and Travel Information

Access to the campground may depend on the season, as snow and weather conditions can affect road accessibility. It's important to check the local forest service or ranger station for current road conditions and travel advisories.

Regulations and Safety

When planning to visit Star Meadows Guard Station, it's essential to understand and follow all local regulations, which may include:

  • Fire Safety: Follow fire restrictions and regulations; sometimes fires are not permitted due to high fire danger.
  • Food Storage: In bear country, proper food storage is vital to avoid attracting wildlife.
  • Pets: Regulations regarding pets will vary, so check whether pets are allowed and under what conditions (e.g., on-leash requirements).

Local Contact Information

For the most current information, contacting the local ranger district within Flathead National Forest prior to your trip is recommended. They can provide details on reservations, road conditions, fire danger levels, and any specific alerts or restrictions in place.

Location of Star Meadows Guard Station Campground
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