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Camping at Owl Creek Corral Campground

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Owl Creek Corral Campground is located within the scenic Flathead National Forest in Montana. Flathead National Forest is known for its vast wilderness areas, diverse wildlife, and numerous outdoor recreational opportunities.


Owl Creek Corral Campground is situated not far from Hungry Horse Reservoir on its southwestern side. The campground is in the vicinity of various natural attractions and is accessible via Hungry Horse/Glacier View Ranger District roads.

Facilities and Amenities

Camp Sites: Owl Creek Corral Campground typically offers primitive camping spots that can cater to both tent and small RV campers. However, since conditions and facilities can change, it's crucial to check in advance whether RV accommodations are possible at the time of your visit.

Corral: As suggested by its name, this campground is equipped with a corral facility for visitors who are camping with horses. This makes it a particularly appealing location for those planning equestrian activities.

Water Access: Campgrounds with the word "creek" in their names often but not always, indicate proximity to a water source. However, availability of potable water is not guaranteed, so always verify if you need to bring your own or if there will be a nearby source suitable for filtration and treatment.

Toilets: Typically, campgrounds like Owl Creek Corral will have vault toilets available, but again, it's essential to confirm the current amenities before planning your trip.

Trash Disposal: Many campgrounds in national forests adhere to a "pack it in, pack it out" policy for trash, to minimize the impact on the natural environment, so come prepared to take all of your garbage with you when you leave.


Horseback Riding: Given its equestrian facilities, horseback riding is a prominent activity in this area, with numerous trails available for exploration.

Hiking: The surrounding area, with its diverse ecosystem and beautiful landscapes, offers a variety of hiking trails catering to different skill levels.

Fishing: If near water, you might have opportunities for fishing, so be sure to bring your gear if you're an angler. Always verify if you need a permit.

Wildlife Watching: Flathead National Forest is home to abundant wildlife, including bears, so wildlife watching could be a rewarding activity. However, it also means it's essential to practice safe wildlife and food storage practices.

Important Considerations

Weather: Conditions in Montana can change rapidly, particularly in mountainous areas, so be prepared for various weather conditions.

Bear Country: The entire Flathead National Forest is in bear country. It's vital to store food and scented items properly, following recommendations to avoid attracting bears into the campground.

Reservations and Permits: Check if the campground requires reservations or permits. During peak season, spots might be limited and subject to prior booking.

Access Roads: Forest service roads can be unpaved and not always well-maintained. Make sure your vehicle is capable of handling backcountry roads, and check for any road closure notices before your trip.

Fire Restrictions: Depending on the season and conditions, there may be fire restrictions in place. Always adhere to these to prevent wildfires.

Local Regulations: Familiarize yourself with the local regulations regarding camping, campfires, fishing, and any other activities to ensure a lawful and enjoyable experience.

Before heading out, always check the latest updates from the Flathead National Forest's official channels or the local ranger district to get the most accurate and current information about camping at Owl Creek Corral Campground.

Location of Owl Creek Corral Campground
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