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Camping at Lake Conasauga Campground

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Overview of Lake Conasauga Campground

Lake Conasauga Campground is a serene camping spot nestled in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest, located in North Georgia. It's positioned at a high elevation near the summit of Grassy Mountain, offering stunning panoramic views and a cooler climate during the hot summer months. The campground surrounds Lake Conasauga, which is the highest lake in Georgia and is a beautiful place for swimming, fishing, and non-motorized boating.

Camping Facilities and Amenities


  • There are about 35 campsites available for both tent and trailer camping. The sites are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, which means no reservations are possible, and during peak seasons it can fill up quickly.
  • Each site typically has a tent pad, picnic table, grill, and fire ring.


  • Drinking water is accessible from several hand-pumped water faucets throughout the campground.
  • There are vault toilets available, but no showers or hookups for water, sewer, or electric.


  • Some camping sites might be designated as accessible for those with disabilities, but it's essential to check the most current information for availability and accessibility features.

Activities and Recreation


  • Lake Conasauga provides a pleasant swimming area with clear, cool water, but no lifeguard service is available.


  • Anglers can enjoy fishing in the lake, which is regularly stocked with trout and also harbors other species of fish.


  • Several trails are accessible from the campground, including the short and easy Lake Conasauga Trail that circles the lake, and the longer Songbird Trail offering opportunities to see a variety of bird species.
  • Additionally, for more serious hikers, the Conasauga River Trail connects with other trail systems in the area.


  • The lake allows for non-motorized boats, making it a peaceful place for canoeing or kayaking.

Wildlife Watching:

  • The surrounding forest is teeming with wildlife, and visitors can see a diverse array of birds, deer, and other forest creatures.

Rules and Regulations

  • Quiet Hours: These are typically enforced from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.
  • Pets: Pets are usually allowed but must be kept on a leash at all times and cannot be left unattended.
  • Fires: Open fires are allowed in designated fire rings, but always check for current fire conditions and restrictions before lighting a fire.
  • Garbage: This is a pack in, pack out campground. Visitors must take all trash with them when they leave.
  • Alcohol and Smoking: Restrictions on alcohol and smoking may apply, so visitors should check the latest regulations.

Important Considerations

  • Be aware of wildlife and store food appropriately to avoid attracting bears and other animals.
  • The high elevation can lead to cooler temperatures, especially at night, so come prepared with appropriate clothing and gear.
  • Cellular service may be limited, so plan accordingly for emergencies.
  • Insect repellent is recommended due to the presence of ticks and mosquitoes in warmer months.

How to Get There

Lake Conasauga Campground can be accessed by forest service roads which may be narrow and winding. The nearest town with full services is Chatsworth, Georgia. From Chatsworth, take US 411 North and follow local signage to the forest service roads leading to Lake Conasauga.

Before Heading Out:

  • Always check the latest campground status, alerts, and road conditions, especially after severe weather events.
  • The Forest Service can provide the most current information regarding campground openings, closures, and important notices.

By adhering to campground rules and being prepared for your visit, Lake Conasauga Campground can provide a peaceful and immersive outdoor experience in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest.

Location of Lake Conasauga Campground
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