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Camping at Morro Strand State Beach

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Location and Directions

Morro Strand State Beach is located in San Luis Obispo County on the central coast of California. The beach is situated near the towns of Morro Bay and Cayucos, approximately halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

To get there, take the Pacific Coast Highway (CA-1) to the Yerba Buena Street exit if you are coming from Morro Bay or the San Jacinto Avenue exit if you are coming from Cayucos. The beach can also be reached via Highway 41, which connects to CA-1 near Morro Bay.

Camping Facilities

Morro Strand State Beach offers a campground to visitors who want to stay overnight. The campground is located on a stretch of coastal dunes, providing direct access to the beach. Here are some of the features:

  • Standard Campsites: Suitable for tents, trailers, and motorhomes. Each site typically has picnic tables and fire rings.
  • RV Accessibility: There are sites to accommodate RVs, although hookups are not available.
  • Restrooms: Facilities with flush toilets and coin-operated showers are provided.
  • Dump Station: Available for RV users.


  • Booking: Campsite reservations can be made in advance through the California State Parks reservation system or by calling the reservation hotline.
  • Peak Season: During peak season, which is typically from late spring to early fall, it's highly recommended to book well in advance due to high demand.


  • Beachcombing: The long stretches of beach are perfect for walks and beachcombing.
  • Surfing and Fishing: The area is known for good surfing conditions and fishing opportunities.
  • Wildlife Viewing: Visitors can often see a variety of birds and marine life, such as sea otters and seals.

Local Attractions

  • Morro Bay: The nearby town offers dining, shopping, and additional recreation such as kayaking and boating in the bay.
  • Morro Rock: A distinctive landmark, this ancient volcanic plug stands at the entrance to Morro Bay Harbor.
  • Hearst Castle: Located about an hour's drive north, this historic estate is a popular tourist attraction.

Important Tips

  • Weather: Be prepared for varying weather conditions; it can be windy and cool, even in summer.
  • Tides and Safety: Pay attention to tide schedules and warnings to ensure a safe experience on the beach.
  • Wildlife: Do not disturb the wildlife and be mindful of their habitats.
  • Leave No Trace: Follow the principles of "Leave No Trace" to protect the environment.

Useful Contacts

  • California State Parks Reservation System: For campsite reservations, updates, and park information.
  • Morro Bay Visitor Center: For local attractions, events, and recommendations.

Before heading out on your camping trip to Morro Strand State Beach, it's always a good idea to check the latest conditions and regulations with the California State Parks or the local visitor center. This ensures you have the most up-to-date information, making your stay safe and enjoyable.

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