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Camping at Grizzly Creek State Park

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Introduction to Grizzly Creek State Park

Grizzly Creek State Park is an esteemed recreation area located within the Plumas National Forest, which is situated in the northern Sierra Nevada of California. The state park, however, should not be confused with Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park, a different park located on California's North Coast. If you're intending to visit Grizzly Creek State Park area within the Plumas National Forest, here is some essential information to consider for your camping trip.

Campsite Information

  • Reservations: Depending on the specific campground within the Plumas National Forest, you may need to book your campsite in advance. This can be done through a federal reservation system, usually found on the website Recreation.gov. Some sites also offer first-come, first-served camping opportunities.

  • Campground Amenities: Facilities will vary by campground, but you can generally expect basic amenities such as picnic tables, fire pits, and vault toilets. Some campgrounds may offer potable water and flush toilets.

  • Access: The access to some campgrounds can be rough, especially in the off-season or after inclement weather, when unpaved roads may be more difficult to navigate. A vehicle with high clearance and possibly four-wheel-drive might be recommended if the conditions are poor.

Bear Safety

Grizzly Creek State Park, being in bear country, necessitates vigilant food storage and handling practices.

  • Food Storage: Use bear-proof containers or food lockers if provided. Never leave food or scented items in your tent or unattended at your campsite.

  • Disposal of Garbage: Garbage should be properly disposed of in bear-proof trash receptacles, or you'll need to pack it out with you to prevent attracting bears to the camping area.

Fire Safety

  • Fire Regulations: Make sure to check the current fire regulations for the area before you visit. These regulations change frequently depending on the season and current forest fire risk.

  • Campfires: If campfires are allowed, use established fire rings and make sure to fully extinguish any fires before leaving them unattended or going to sleep to prevent wildfires.

Outdoor Activities

The Plumas National Forest offers a variety of outdoor activities including:

  • Hiking: There are many trails available for all skill levels offering a chance to enjoy the forest's scenic beauty.

  • Fishing: Many streams and lakes in the area are stocked with fish and provide excellent fishing opportunities.

  • Wildlife Viewing: The forest is rich with wildlife. Keep your distance from any animals you encounter and use binoculars for a closer look.

Seasonal Considerations

  • Best Time to Visit: Summer and early fall are typically the most popular times for camping due to the favorable weather. However, campsites can also be more crowded during this period.

  • Winter Accessibility: Some campgrounds may be closed in the winter due to snow and inaccessible roads. Check the status of the campground before planning a winter visit.

General Tips

  • Pack Essentials: Make sure to pack essentials such as water, sun protection, bug repellent, and appropriate clothing for the altitude and weather conditions.

  • Leave No Trace: Follow Leave No Trace principles to minimize your impact on the environment. This includes packing out all trash, being respectful of wildlife, and leaving natural and cultural features undisturbed.

  • Local Information: For the most accurate and detailed information, it's a good idea to contact the local ranger district office. They can provide updates on campground status, fire restrictions, bear safety, and trail conditions.


Camping in Grizzly Creek State Park within the Plumas National Forest can be an enriching experience full of natural beauty and wildlife. By preparing well and respecting park regulations and guidelines, you can ensure a safe, enjoyable, and environmentally responsible visit.

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