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Camping at Shaw House Campground

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Shaw House Campground is located within the Coronado National Forest, which spans southeastern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico. It offers a unique camping experience amidst a variety of environments, from desert to mountainous areas. The forest is home to a diverse range of wildlife and plant species, and provides opportunities for a variety of outdoor activities.

Location and Access

Shaw House Campground is typically accessed via forest roads that may vary in condition. It's important to check the current conditions and road closures before planning your trip. Users should also be aware of the weather forecast as mountain roads can be challenging during inclement weather.

Camping Facilities and Fees

The campground features a number of individual campsites that are often equipped with basic amenities such as a picnic table, a fire ring, and access to restrooms. However, facilities can vary, and some sites might be more primitive. There may be a fee for camping, which is usually collected on-site, and the fee structure can change, so it's best to check the current rates before arriving.


The Coronado National Forest offers various recreational activities like hiking, wildlife viewing, fishing, and in some areas, off-roading. Shaw House Campground would be a good starting point for these activities. Specific trails or areas for these activities should be researched ahead of time.

Reservations and Regulations

Some campgrounds in national forests allow for reservations, which can be made through a system like Recreation.gov, while others operate on a first-come, first-served basis. It's critical to verify whether Shaw House Campground requires reservations or not.

Also, national forests have regulations to protect the environment and ensure safety. These can include fire restrictions, rules about wildlife, and the Leave No Trace principles. Checking with the local Ranger District for the most up-to-date information is prudent.

Seasonal Information

Many campgrounds in the Coronado National Forest have seasonal closures or accessibility changes due to weather conditions, such as snow in the winter that can close roads or campsites. It's important to find out if Shaw House Campground is open during the desired camping dates.

Wildlife and Safety

The Coronado National Forest is home to diverse species including black bears, mountain lions, and rattlesnakes. Proper food storage and understanding how to behave if you encounter wildlife is crucial for a safe camping experience.

Leave No Trace

Campers at Shaw House Campground should adhere to Leave No Trace principles. This means packing out all trash, minimizing the impact on the surrounding nature, and leaving the campsite as it was found, if not better. Reducing human impact helps preserve the natural beauty of the forest for future visitors.

Emergency Preparedness

Having a well-prepared first aid kit, understanding basic wilderness first aid, and knowing the closest point of contact for emergencies is essential, given that many forest areas have limited cell phone reception. Campers should inform someone about their travel plans and expected return.

Local Attractions

In the vicinity of the Shaw House Campground, there may be local attractions worth exploring such as historical sites, nearby lakes for boating or fishing, scenic viewpoints, and other points of interest within the Coronado National Forest.

For the most accurate and timely information about Shaw House Campground, campers should contact the local Ranger District office or check the official website for the Coronado National Forest before planning their trip.

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