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Camping at Palisades Ranger Residence Cabin Campground

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Overview of Palisades Ranger Residence Cabin Campground

The Palisades Ranger Residence Cabin Campground, located within the Santa Catalina Mountains of the Coronado National Forest, is a unique campground offering guests the chance to stay in a historic ranger cabin. The Coronado National Forest spans southeastern Arizona and parts of New Mexico and offers a variety of recreational opportunities such as hiking, wildlife viewing, and scenic drives. The cabin provides a different camping experience compared to traditional campgrounds.

Key Features of the Cabin

  • Historic Setting: The cabin was constructed in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and served as a residence for forest rangers.
  • Accommodations: The cabin is well-equipped with modern amenities while preserving its historic charm. It typically offers multiple bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, indoor plumbing, and electric heating.
  • Capacity: The cabin generally accommodates up to 4 or more people, making it ideal for families or small groups.
  • Location Advantages: Positioned at a higher elevation, visitors often enjoy cooler temperatures and scenic mountain views.

Activities and Recreation

  • Hiking: There are numerous trails in the area for all skill levels, including access to the iconic Arizona Trail.
  • Wildlife Watching: The surrounding forest is home to various wildlife including deer, birds, and possibly black bears.
  • Photography and Scenic Viewing: With its picturesque landscapes, the area is great for photography enthusiasts.
  • Star Gazing: The relatively remote location offers dark skies suitable for stargazing activities.

Reservation and Fees

  • Advance Booking: Reservations are typically required and can be made well in advance due to the popularity of the cabin.
  • Fees: There is usually a nightly fee to rent the cabin, which is subject to change. It’s important to check current rates and availability when planning your trip.
  • Regulations: There may be specific rules regarding the maximum length of stay, check-in and check-out times, and other rental terms.

Access and Seasonal Information

  • Road Conditions: Access to the cabin can vary with weather conditions, especially during winter, when roads may be closed due to snow.
  • Seasonal Access: The cabin may not be available for rent year-round and could have specific opening and closing dates depending on the season.

Local Contact Information

For the most current information on the Palisades Ranger Residence Cabin Campground, reservations, fees, and rules:

  • Contact the Coronado National Forest: Reach out to the appropriate ranger district office for the most up-to-date information.
  • Online Resources: Visit the official USDA Forest Service website or third-party reservation websites where the cabin is listed.

Safety and Preparedness

Before heading out, make sure to:

  • Check Weather Forecasts: Be prepared for weather changes, especially at higher elevations.
  • Pack Appropriately: Bring suitable gear for cold nights or sudden weather shifts.
  • Be Prepared for Wildlife: Store food securely and be bear-aware.
  • Leave No Trace: Practice Leave No Trace principles to protect the environment and ensure the cabin and surrounding areas remain pristine for future visitors.

Staying at the Palisades Ranger Residence Cabin can be a memorable experience for campers looking for comfort combined with the rustic charm of a historic forest setting. It's always recommended to plan ahead and be well-prepared for your adventure in the Coronado National Forest.

Location of Palisades Ranger Residence Cabin Campground
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