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Camping at Fernow Cabin Campground

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Fernow Cabin Campground is a part of the Coconino National Forest Recreation Area, which provides visitors with a plethora of outdoor activities and camping experiences. The Fernow Cabin itself is a unique feature of this area, offering a rustic camping experience for those looking for something different than traditional tent or RV camping.

Location and Access

Fernow Cabin Campground is located within the Coconino National Forest, which spans across central and northern Arizona. To access the campground and cabin, you will likely need to check the most up-to-date directions provided by the USDA Forest Service or local resources, as conditions and accessibility can change due to weather and other factors.

Amenities and Facilities

The cabin and surrounding campground typically provide a range of amenities to make your stay more comfortable, although services may be more primitive than those found in developed campgrounds. Common amenities might include:

  • Furnished Cabin: The cabin usually comes with basic furniture such as beds and a table.
  • Fireplace or Wood Stove: For heating and sometimes cooking, if allowed.
  • Outdoor Fire Ring: For campfires, subject to local fire regulations.
  • Picnic Table: For outdoor dining and activities.
  • Toilet Facilities: These may be rustic, such as pit toilets or outhouses.

It is essential to verify which amenities are offered before planning your trip, as services can vary or may be seasonal.


Coconino National Forest offers a wide range of activities that visitors to the Fernow Cabin Campground can enjoy, including:

  • Hiking: Explore numerous trails ranging in difficulty throughout the forest.
  • Wildlife Watching: The area is rich in biodiversity, offering chances to see various animal species.
  • Fishing: Many streams and lakes in the area are stocked with fish.
  • Mountain Biking: Some trails are bike-friendly for those looking for an off-road adventure.

Reservations and Fees

To stay at Fernow Cabin Campground, you usually must make a reservation in advance. Depending on its popularity and the time of year, the cabin can book up quickly. Reservations are often done through a central reservation system like Recreation.gov.

There is typically a fee to rent the cabin, which can vary based on the season, the length of stay, and other factors. Always check the current fee schedule before booking.

Regulations and Safety

When camping at Fernow Cabin or in the surrounding Coconino National Forest area, you must follow certain regulations to ensure the safety and preservation of the environment.

  • Fire Safety: Always adhere to local fire guidelines. This can include restrictions on campfires during high-risk periods.
  • Wildlife: Store food securely to protect against wildlife.
  • Leave No Trace: Pack out all trash and follow Leave No Trace principles.
  • Vehicle Restrictions: Abide by any vehicle restrictions, such as staying on designated roads and trails.

Climate and Best Time to Visit

The Coconino National Forest features a range of climates, from arid desert to alpine tundra. The best time to visit will depend on the specific area of the forest and your tolerance for weather conditions. Summer months are typically the most popular, although they can also bring monsoon rains in late summer.

Contact Information and Resources

Before heading to Fernow Cabin, it's wise to contact the local ranger station or the USDA Forest Service for the most current information regarding conditions, availability, and any advisories. Here are useful contact details:

Coconino National Forest Supervisor's Office 1824 S. Thompson St. Flagstaff, AZ 86001 Phone: (928) 527-3600

For more information, maps, and reservations, the official website or a service like Recreation.gov will be your best resources.

Please Note: This information is a general guide and it's important to check for any updates or changes that might have occurred after the knowledge cutoff date. Camping facilities and regulations can change due to management decisions, weather conditions, or natural events. Always verify current conditions and requirements directly with the forest service or managing organization before planning your trip.

Location of Fernow Cabin Campground
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