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Camping at Gunlock State Park

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Overview of Gunlock State Park

Gunlock State Park is a scenic destination located in the southwestern part of Utah, near the town of Gunlock, approximately 15 miles northwest of St. George. The park is popular for its warm climate and year-round recreational activities, centered around a 266-acre reservoir set against a backdrop of red rock and rolling hills.

Camping Information

  • Camping Options: As of my knowledge cutoff date, Gunlock State Park does not offer developed campgrounds within the park. However, primitive camping may be available on adjacent public lands. It is recommended to check with the park management or Utah State Parks for the latest camping regulations before planning your trip.

  • Nearby Campgrounds: While Gunlock State Park itself may not offer camping facilities, campgrounds are available in the nearby areas such as Sand Hollow State Park and Snow Canyon State Park. RV parks and private campgrounds can also be found in the larger St. George area.

  • Reservations and Fees: For state park locations offering camping, it is generally advised to make reservations, which can be done online through the Utah State Parks reservation system. There may be entrance fees to access the park, and camping fees for using any designated campgrounds.

Activities at Gunlock State Park

  • Boating and Fishing: The reservoir allows for various water sports including boating, kayaking, and fishing. The park does not have a boat rental facility, so you must bring your own watercraft.

  • Hiking: There are opportunities for hiking in the surrounding area. The trails may not be well marked, so be prepared with a map and proper gear.

  • Swimming: The reservoir is a popular spot for swimming, especially during the hot summer months.

  • Wildlife Viewing: The park's natural environment allows for the observation of a variety of wildlife.

Park Rules and Regulations

  • Preservation: As with any state park, preserving the natural environment is key. Littering and the removal of natural or cultural features are prohibited.

  • Pets: Pets are often allowed but must be kept on a leash and are not allowed in the water.

  • Fires: Fire restrictions are typically in place, especially during dry conditions. If fires are permitted, they must be contained in designated fire areas or pits.

  • Quiet Hours: Most parks have established quiet hours, typically from 10 pm to 7 am.

  • Alcohol: The use of alcohol may be restricted or prohibited; check local regulations.

Safety Tips

  • Weather Conditions: Be aware of the local weather, especially the high temperatures in the summer months and the potential for flash flooding.

  • Wildlife: Maintain a safe distance from wildlife and do not feed animals.

  • Water Safety: Always take precautions when engaging in water-based activities and be aware of changing water conditions.

Contact Information and Resources

For up-to-date information, contact the park directly or visit the official website of the Utah State Parks. It's always a good practice to reach out to park authorities before your trip for the most recent updates on conditions and any alerts that might affect your visit to Gunlock State Park.

Map of Campgrounds in Gunlock State Park
Campgrounds in Gunlock State Park
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All campsites booked in Gunlock State Park? Create a scan and we’ll notify you when somebody cancels.
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