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Camping at Amistad National Recreation Area

Amistad National Recreation Area
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Overview of Amistad National Recreation Area

Amistad National Recreation Area is a unique park located on the US-Mexico border in Del Rio, Texas. Known for the Amistad Reservoir, a large lake formed by the Rio Grande, Pecos River, and Devils River, the area provides a vast space for water-based recreation, camping, and nature exploration. The park is co-managed by the National Park Service and the International Boundary and Water Commission.

Camping Options

Amistad National Recreation Area offers a variety of camping opportunities:

  • Developed Campgrounds: The park has several developed campgrounds with amenities like restrooms, picnic tables, and grills. These campgrounds are convenient for RVs and tent campers alike.

  • Primitive Camping: For those seeking a more remote experience, the park offers primitive camping areas with fewer amenities. Campers should be prepared to pack in and out all necessary supplies.

  • Backcountry Camping: Adventurous campers can also enjoy backcountry camping in designated areas of the park. Permits may be required, and campers should check the latest regulations before planning their trip.

Camping Reservations and Fees

  • Reservations: Some campgrounds may require reservations, especially during peak seasons. It's best to check the National Park Service's official website or call the park's visitor center for current information on reservations.

  • Fees: There are camping fees that vary depending on the site and facilities provided. Again, checking the official site for the most up-to-date pricing is recommended.

Camping Rules and Regulations

When camping at Amistad National Recreation Area, there are important rules to follow:

  • Campfire Restrictions: Check current conditions and fire regulations before starting a campfire. It's important to prevent wildfires, particularly in dry conditions.

  • Leave No Trace: Always practice Leave No Trace principles to minimize your footprint and preserve the park's natural beauty.

  • Wildlife Safety: Store food securely to protect it from wildlife and maintain a safe distance from any animals you may encounter.

  • Fishing and Hunting: If you plan to fish or hunt, be sure you're aware of the Texas state regulations and have the necessary licenses.

  • Water Safety: Given the park's focus on water-based activities, always wear life jackets and follow safe boating practices.

Things to Do in Amistad National Recreation Area

Beyond camping, there's a wealth of activities to enjoy:

  • Boating: The area is popular for boating with ramps providing easy access to the reservoir.

  • Fishing: Anglers can find species like largemouth bass, catfish, and various types of panfish.

  • Hiking and Wildlife Viewing: Hike the trails and enjoy bird watching and spotting other local wildlife.

  • Scuba Diving: The clear waters of the reservoir are ideal for diving, with underwater visibility generally good.

Weather Conditions

The climate can be harsh with hot temperatures in the summer and colder conditions in the winter. Visitors should check the forecast and come prepared with adequate clothing, sun protection, and hydration.


While some facilities and areas are accessible for visitors with disabilities, it's important to check the current accessibility conditions before your trip and ensure that you can comfortably navigate the park's terrain.

Contact Information

For the latest information and any inquiries:

By adhering to the park's guidelines and planning ahead, your camping experience in Amistad National Recreation Area can be both enjoyable and environmentally responsible.

Map of Campgrounds in Amistad National Recreation Area
Campgrounds in Amistad National Recreation Area
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