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Basic Overview

Tuscarora State Park is located in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. The park is known for its beautiful 96-acre Tuscarora Lake which is a popular spot for fishing and boating. The park covers an area of around 1,618 acres and offers a variety of recreational activities.

Camping Details

  • Camping Season: Tuscarora State Park offers camping facilities during specific seasons which typically runs from the spring through the fall. Exact dates can vary from year to year, so it is important to check the park's official schedule before planning your trip.

  • Campsite Types: The park may have different types of campsites available, including tent, trailer, and possibly yurts or cottages. Some sites may offer electric hook-ups, while others are more primitive.

  • Reservations: Campsites can be reserved in advance, and it is often recommended to do so, especially during peak seasons or weekends. Reservations can usually be made online through the Pennsylvania State Park reservation system or by calling the park.

  • Amenities: Standard amenities at campsites in Tuscarora State Park typically include fire rings, picnic tables, and nearby restrooms. Some sites may also have access to shower facilities, potable water, and a dump station for RVs.

  • Pets: Pets may be allowed at certain designated campsites, but owners must follow the park's rules. This often includes keeping pets on leashes and not leaving them unattended. Make sure to check the park’s policy on pets before you go.

Outdoor Activities

  • Hiking: There are several hiking trails in the park, providing scenic views of the surrounding area and wildlife. Trails vary in difficulty, so hikers of all levels can find a suitable route.

  • Boating: Non-powered and electric motor boats are permitted on Tuscarora Lake. There is a boat launch available, and boat rentals may also be offered during the summer season.

  • Fishing: Anglers can enjoy fishing in the lake where they can find a variety of species, including bass, pickerel, muskellunge, perch, and trout. A valid Pennsylvania fishing license is required for those 16 years of age or older.

  • Swimming: While Tuscarora State Park has a lake, it's important to confirm if there is a designated swimming area and whether it is currently open for use, as these details can change.

  • Wildlife Watching: The park serves as a habitat for many species of wildlife, including birds, deer, and other animals. Bring binoculars and a field guide for a rewarding wildlife watching experience.

Important Notes

  • Regulations: Campers must adhere to the park's regulations, which include quiet hours, proper disposal of trash, and rules for fire safety.

  • Weather: Be prepared for changing weather conditions by bringing suitable clothing and gear. Mountain weather can be particularly unpredictable.

  • Leave No Trace: In line with Leave No Trace principles, make an effort to minimize your impact on the environment during your stay.

Contact Information

Before visiting Tuscarora State Park, it's wise to check with the park office for the most current information regarding camping reservations, amenity availability, and any alerts or advisories.

  • Park Office: You can contact the park office for specific queries or clarification.

  • Website: Visit the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) website for more detailed information about Tuscarora State Park including maps, reservations, and seasonal activities.

Remember that the information provided here is subject to change, and it’s always best to verify details before planning your trip.

Map of Campgrounds in TUSCARORA STATE PARK
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