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Camping at American Legion SF (Hawes)

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Overview of American Legion SF (Hawes)

American Legion State Forest (also known as Hawes for the adjacent road), located in Connecticut, offers a rich outdoor experience for campers and nature enthusiasts. With its mix of dense forest habitats and river ecosystems, this state forest is a haven for those looking to escape into the natural world.

Camping Facilities

The forest provides a campground with several sites suited for tents and small trailers. Facilities often include:

  • Picnic tables: Each campsite typically has a table for meals and activities.
  • Fire rings: Campsites come with fire rings for safe campfires, assuming fire regulations permit.
  • Restrooms: There are typically restrooms available, although the level of amenities (e.g., flush toilets vs. vault toilets) can vary.

Reservation and Fees

  • Reservation System: You may need to reserve a campsite in advance, especially during peak season. This can usually be done online or over the phone.
  • Camping Fees: There will be a nightly fee for camping, which varies depending on the type of campsite and the season. Check the latest fees on the official website or by contacting the park office.


The forest is not just for camping. It provides a variety of activities such as:

  • Hiking: There are several miles of trails for all skill levels.
  • Swimming: If there's a lake or river access, swimming may be permitted.
  • Fishing: Anglers can often find spots along rivers or lakes within the forest.
  • Wildlife Observation: The diverse habitats make for great bird watching and wildlife observation.

Rules and Regulations

  • Fires: Only have fires in designated fire rings or pits and follow all current fire safety regulations.
  • Pets: Pets may be allowed but are typically required to be on a leash. Confirm the pet policy prior to your visit.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol consumption rules vary, so it's important to check the specific regulations for American Legion SF.
  • Quiet Hours: To ensure all campers enjoy their experience, there are usually designated quiet hours during the night.
  • Trash: Practice "Leave No Trace" principles by packing out all trash and recycling appropriately.

Safety Tips

  • Wildlife: Store food properly and be aware of any potentially dangerous wildlife in the area.
  • Weather: Prepare for sudden weather changes by bringing appropriate gear.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Have a first aid kit and know the quickest way to contact park rangers or emergency services.


Check if the campground and its facilities are ADA-compliant if accessibility is a concern.

Contact Information

Before heading out, it's always best to check the most current information about American Legion SF:

  • Online: Look for the official state park or forest website.
  • Phone: Call the park office for real-time advice and conditions.
  • In-person: Visitor centers can provide maps and helpful tips upon arrival.

Please note that the information provided here is generic and may not reflect the current status or specific offerings at American Legion SF (Hawes). Always verify details with the forest's official resources to ensure an enjoyable and safe camping trip.

Map of Campgrounds in American Legion SF (Hawes)
Campgrounds in American Legion SF (Hawes)
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All campsites booked in American Legion SF (Hawes)? Create a scan and we’ll notify you when somebody cancels.
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