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Location and Geography

Fowlers Hollow State Park is a 104-acre Pennsylvania state park in Bloomfield Township, Perry County, Pennsylvania in the United States. The park is approximately 43 miles northwest of Carlisle in the Bald Eagle State Forest. It is nestled along Fowlers Hollow Run which flows into nearby Sherman Creek. The park's geography features a mix of deciduous forests and brushy wetlands, providing a variety of natural sights and sounds.

Activities and Amenities


  • Fowlers Hollow State Park offers rustic campsites for tent and trailer camping. Some sites may provide basic amenities such as picnic tables and fire rings, but visitors should check current facilities before planning their trip.
  • The park does not offer full hook-up for RVs, and the camping experience is considered more primitive, catering to those looking for a closer-to-nature experience.


  • Hiking trails in and around Fowlers Hollow State Park connect with the extensive network of trails in Bald Eagle State Forest. These trails are suitable for hiking, mountain biking, and in some areas, horseback riding.
  • During the winter months, some of these trails can be used for cross-country skiing and snowmobiling, offering year-round recreational opportunities.


  • Fowlers Hollow Run is a stocked trout stream, where anglers can fish for trout amidst the peaceful setting of the park. Fishing regulations and licensing are managed by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.


  • Hunting is permitted on designated areas around Fowlers Hollow State Park. The common game includes deer, turkey, and squirrel. Hunters are expected to follow the Pennsylvania Game Commission rules and regulations.


  • The park offers picnic tables and pavilions for visitors. These facilities are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and they provide a relaxing spot for meals in the great outdoors.

Wildlife Watching:

  • The varied habitats within the park support an array of wildlife. Visitors can enjoy bird watching and may spot a variety of bird species, particularly during migrations.

Operating Times and Seasons

  • Fowlers Hollow State Park is open year-round, from sunrise to sunset. The peak season typically spans from the late spring through the early fall, coinciding with the warmer weather and the camping season.
  • Some services may be reduced or unavailable in the offseason, so visitors should check ahead for details, especially if planning a trip during the winter months.

Reservations and Fees

  • Reservations for campsites can often be made in advance. It is advisable to book early for peak season weekends and holidays.
  • Campsite fees and any additional charges for amenities (like pavilion rental) will vary. Visitors should consult the Pennsylvania State Parks reservation system for current pricing and availability.

Regulations and Safety

  • All visitors to Fowlers Hollow State Park must adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by the Pennsylvania State Parks. This includes proper handling of food and waste to minimize wildlife disturbances, observing quiet hours, and adhering to fire safety regulations.
  • Safety is crucial, especially when engaging in outdoor recreational activities. It's important to come prepared for changing weather conditions, and to have the necessary gear and supplies for a safe and enjoyable experience.


  • Pennsylvania State Parks are committed to making facilities available to all visitors. While Fowlers Hollow State Park offers a more rustic experience, persons with disabilities can inquire about the availability of accessible facilities and services.

Contact Information

To get the most current information before planning a visit, potential visitors should contact:

Fowlers Hollow State Park c/o Colonel Denning State Park 1599 Doubling Gap Road, #104 Newville, PA 17241

Or look for contact information on the official Pennsylvania State Parks website. It's also a good idea to check for any park advisories or weather conditions that may impact your visit.

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