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Camping at Alfred A. Loeb State Park

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Location and Accessibility

Alfred A. Loeb State Park, commonly known as Loeb State Park, is located in Curry County in southwestern Oregon, near the town of Brookings. The park lies along the Chetco River, which is known for its clear waters and lush foliage.

  • Address: The park is situated at 4295 N Bank Chetco River RD, Brookings, OR 97415, USA.
  • GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 42.0375 N, Longitude: -124.2122 W
  • Accessibility: The park is accessible by vehicle, and the roads leading to it are well-maintained. Facilities for the disabled are available, but it's good practice to check in advance for specific needs or accommodations.

Camping Facilities and Reservations

Camping is a key activity at Loeb State Park. The park boasts several camping options, including:

  • RV Sites: There are sites available for RVs of various sizes, with water and electrical hook-ups.
  • Tent Sites: For those who prefer traditional camping, tent sites are nestled within the greenery offering a true nature experience.
  • Cabins/Yurts: Some state parks offer cabins or yurts; check availability at Loeb State Park if these are preferred.
  • Group Camping: There may be facilities for groups, but advance booking is essential.

Reservations can typically be made online through the Oregon State Parks website or by calling their reservation line. It's advisable to reserve well ahead of time, especially for summer weekends or holiday periods.

Amenities and Activities

The park provides numerous amenities and activities that cater to diverse interests:

  • Restrooms and Showers: These are available for campers and day-use visitors.
  • Picnic Areas: There are designated spots for picnics, some with barbecue grills and tables.
  • Boat Ramp: For those interested in boating or fishing, the park provides a boat ramp into the Chetco River.
  • Hiking Trails: Explore the Redwood Nature Trail, a location within the park known for its stand of rare coast redwoods.
  • Fishing: The Chetco River is popular for salmon and steelhead fishing.
  • Nature Watching: The surrounding area is rich in wildlife, including opportunities to spot various bird species.

Safety and Regulations

  • Fire Safety: Campfires are generally allowed in designated areas, but there may be restrictions during high fire danger periods. Always follow park rules regarding fires.
  • Wildlife: As with any outdoor area, keep a safe distance from wildlife and do not feed animals.
  • Pets: Pets are typically allowed in campgrounds but should be kept on a leash. Verify if there are any specific pet-related rules.
  • Leave No Trace: Preserve the beauty of the park by packing out all trash and minimizing your impact on the environment.

Contact Information and Resources

For the most recent and detailed information, it's best to get in touch directly with the park:

  • Phone: You can contact the Oregon State Parks information line at 1-800-551-6949.
  • Website: Visit the Oregon State Parks website for more details on amenities, current conditions, events, and to make a reservation.

Before embarking on your camping trip to Alfred A. Loeb State Park, it is crucial to check for any specific advisories, such as weather warnings or unusual park conditions that may impact your visit.

Map of Campgrounds in Alfred A. Loeb State Park
Campgrounds in Alfred A. Loeb State Park
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All campsites booked in Alfred A. Loeb State Park? Create a scan and we’ll notify you when somebody cancels.
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