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Westcott Beach State Park is a popular recreational destination located in Jefferson County, New York, along the shores of Lake Ontario. It is ideal for families and outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy activities like camping, swimming, fishing, boating, and hiking. The park boasts a scenic location with rolling, wooded hills and open, grassy meadows providing a picturesque setting for campers.

Camping Information

Facilities: Westcott Beach State Park includes a variety of facilities that cater to campers, including tent and trailer sites, restroom facilities with showers, and a dumping station for RVs. Some campsite areas may offer electric hookups. Additionally, there are picnic areas and pavilions that can be reserved for group outings.

Reservations: Camping reservations can be made in advance, and it's often recommended, especially during peak season (late spring to early fall). Reservations can typically be made online through the New York State Parks reservation system or by calling the park directly.

Camping Season: While the park is open year-round, camping services are usually offered from early May through the end of September or October, depending on weather conditions and park policies. It's important to check the latest camping dates when planning your trip.

Regulations: Campers are expected to adhere to standard state park rules, which include:

  • Observing quiet hours during the night.
  • Keeping campsites clean and disposing of trash properly.
  • Adhering to any fire regulations, including using designated fire pits or rings and never leaving fires unattended.
  • Keeping pets under control and on a leash, and ensuring they are not left unattended or become a nuisance to other campers.
  • Respecting wildlife and natural resources within the park.

Recreational Activities

Swimming: The park offers a sandy beach with lifeguard-supervised swimming areas during the summer months.

Boating and Fishing: Lake Ontario is renowned for offering excellent fishing opportunities, including salmon, trout, bass, and more. The park includes a boat launch, making it easy for boaters to access the water.

Hiking and Exploration: Hikers can explore the park's trails, which wind through diverse landscapes and offer opportunities to observe local wildlife and plants.

What to Bring

  • Tents or RVs: Depending on your preferred style of camping, ensure you have a tent or an RV in good condition. RVs must comply with size and hookup compatibility for the park.
  • Camping Supplies: Bring all necessary camping gear, including sleeping bags, cooking equipment, food storage containers, and personal items.
  • Outdoor Recreation Gear: Pack any gear you might need for activities such as fishing rods, hiking boots, swimwear, life vests, or binoculars for birdwatching.


Westcott Beach State Park aims to be accessible to all visitors. Facilities such as restrooms and showers have been adapted for accessibility, and the park strives to ensure that individuals with disabilities can enjoy the various amenities and natural beauty it offers.

For the most current information, amenities, and regulations, it's advised to contact the park directly or visit the official New York State Parks website before planning your trip, as conditions and policies can change.

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All campsites booked in WESTCOTT BEACH STATE PARK? Create a scan and we’ll notify you when somebody cancels.
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