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Camping at Point Au Roche State Park

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General Information

Point Au Roche State Park is located on the northwestern shore of Lake Champlain in the state of New York. This park offers a multitude of recreation opportunities, from swimming and hiking to boating and birdwatching.

Camping Facilities

The park itself does not offer traditional camping facilities with campgrounds for tents or RVs. However, visitors can enjoy the day-use facilities that include picnic areas and grilling spots. For actual camping, one would need to find nearby campgrounds or look for other state parks in the vicinity that offer overnight camping accommodations.

Activities and Amenities

  • Hiking Trails: There are over 12 miles of trails for hiking, which provide scenic views of Lake Champlain and the surrounding woodland.

  • Beaches: There is a designated swimming area with a lifeguard on duty during specific hours in the summer season.

  • Fishing: Lake Champlain is known for excellent fishing, and Point Au Roche provides good access for shore fishing or boat launches.

  • Boating: Boats can be launched from the park's boat launch, and kayaking or canoeing is popular along the shoreline.

  • Biking: Cyclists can enjoy the park roads and trails suitable for bike riding.

  • Winter Sports: In the winter, the park offers options for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

  • Nature Center: The park features a nature center that provides educational displays and information about the local ecology.

Rules and Regulations

  • Pets: Pets are generally allowed but must be kept on a leash and are not allowed in certain areas like the beach or in buildings.

  • Fires: Fires are only permitted in designated areas and should not be left unattended.

  • Alcohol: Alcohol consumption may be restricted; always check park policies before your visit.

  • Reservations: While Point Au Roche doesn't have camping, day-use areas may require reservations or operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Local Attractions

  • Nearby Campgrounds: For those looking to camp overnight, there are private campgrounds and other nearby state parks with camping facilities.

  • Cultural Sites: The region is rich in history, so nearby cultural sites, historic landmarks, and museums can be an additional attraction.

Visiting Tips

  • Weather: Be prepared for changing weather conditions and check the forecast before heading out.

  • Peak Seasons: If you plan to visit during peak season or holidays, expect more crowds and consider arriving early to secure a good spot at the day-use areas.

  • Wildlife: Always respect wildlife and observe from a distance. Keep food items secured to avoid attracting animals.

Contact Information

Before setting out, especially for a day of full activities or if you're seeking nearby camping options, contact the park office for the most up-to-date information on conditions and facilities. Here are Point Au Roche State Park's details:

  • Address: 19 Camp Red Cloud Road, Plattsburgh, NY 12901
  • Phone: (518) 563-0369

Note: It's essential to always reference the official park website or contact the park directly for the most current information as facilities and policies can change over time.

Map of Campgrounds in Point Au Roche State Park
Campgrounds in Point Au Roche State Park
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