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Camping at Fire Island National Seashore

Fire Island National Seashore
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Overview of Fire Island National Seashore

Fire Island National Seashore (FINS) is situated on Fire Island, a barrier island off the southern shore of Long Island in New York. It's a popular spot for a wide range of recreational activities, including camping, hiking, swimming, and wildlife viewing. Managed by the National Park Service, it's important to stay informed about the rules and facilities available before planning a camping trip to this unique and pristine environment.

Camping Options in Fire Island

Wilderness Camping:

  • The Otis Pike Fire Island High Dune Wilderness is the only designated wilderness area in New York State and offers primitive camping experiences.
  • There are specific regulations in place to protect the wilderness character, so make sure to check the guidelines before you go.

Backcountry Camping:

  • Special permits are required for overnight camping in the backcountry areas.
  • Campsites are generally available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Other Camping Options:

  • While Fire Island itself contains limited designated camping areas, there are also campgrounds on the mainland near the Fire Island ferries.

Camping Permits and Fees

Fire Island National Seashore requires permits for camping, and there are fees associated with these permits. Fees and permit requirements can change, so contact the park directly or visit the official National Park Service website for the most up-to-date information.

Facilities and Amenities

Facilities and amenities at camping areas on Fire Island are minimal, often ranging from portable toilets to basic water facilities. Since it is a barrier island, fresh water is scarce, and visitors are typically asked to bring their own. Camping often requires packing in all your necessities and carrying out all trash, adhering to the "Leave No Trace" principles.

Camping Rules and Regulations

Fire Regulations:

  • Campfires may be prohibited or regulated, particularly during periods of high fire danger. If allowed, they are typically only permitted in designated fire rings or grills.


  • Pets may not be allowed in all areas or might be subject to certain restrictions, so check current guidelines if you plan to bring pets.

Wildlife Protection:

  • Stay at a safe distance from animals and do not feed wildlife.
  • Be aware of nesting areas, particularly for birds like the piping plover, and respect all wildlife closures and guidelines.

Waste Disposal:

  • Pack out all trash, and follow any rules for the disposal of waste. This may mean using portable waste containment systems in some areas.

Alcohol and Substances:

  • Alcohol and controlled substances regulations may vary, so it's essential to check the current rules.

Safety Considerations

  • Always check the weather forecast before your trip and be prepared for changing conditions on the barrier island.
  • Bring a first-aid kit and know basic first aid procedures.
  • Be aware that swimming areas may not have lifeguards and understand rip current safety.
  • Pest control: Be prepared for mosquitoes, ticks, and poison ivy, which are prevalent in the area.

Transportation to Fire Island

  • Since Fire Island is largely car-free, transportation is typically by ferry, water taxi, or private boat, with only a few exceptions.
  • Parking is available at ferry terminals and access points on the mainland.

Reserving a Campsite

Campsite reservations, when required, can often be made in advance. The reservation process may be competitive during peak seasons, so plan accordingly.

Contact Information and Resources

  • Always visit the National Park Service website for Fire Island National Seashore for the latest updates and to access contact information.
  • Local park ranger stations can provide detailed information and answer any questions about camping regulations and conditions.

When planning a camping trip to Fire Island National Seashore, thorough preparation is key to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, while also preserving the natural beauty and ecosystems of this unique destination.

Map of Campgrounds in Fire Island National Seashore
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