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Camping at Abiquiu Lake State Park

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Abiquiu Lake State Park, situated in northern New Mexico, is a popular destination for its stunning desert landscape, the serene Abiquiu Lake, and the surrounding red rock cliffs and hills. Visitors come to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, swimming, hiking, and camping.

Camping Information

Campsites: Abiquiu Lake State Park offers several campgrounds with different levels of amenities. There are campsites with full RV hook-ups, as well as primitive sites for those preferring a more rustic camping experience. The campgrounds usually have access to potable water, restrooms, and possibly showers.

Reservations: It is highly recommended to make reservations, especially during peak season, as the campgrounds can fill up quickly. Reservations can typically be made online through the state park's reservation system or via phone.

Fees: There are camping fees associated with staying at the park, which vary based on the type of site and amenities. Day-use fees may also be applicable. Check the park's website for the most up-to-date information on fees and any annual passes that might offer savings.

Check-In and Check-Out Times: Campers should be aware of the check-in and check-out times to avoid conflicts with arrivals and departures. These times are often posted on the park's website or at the park's entrance.


Boating: Abiquiu Lake is a hub for boating activities. You can bring your own boat or rent one at the lake. Ensure you follow all New Mexico boating laws and safety regulations.

Fishing: The lake is stocked and offers excellent fishing opportunities. Anglers can chase species such as bass, trout, and catfish. Remember to have a valid New Mexico fishing license.

Hiking: There are several trails around the lake offering scenic views of the water and surrounding geological formations. Trail information can be found at the park or online.

Swimming: There are designated swimming areas at Abiquiu Lake. Due to the lack of lifeguards, swimming is at one's own risk.

Wildlife & Safety

Flora and Fauna: The area is known for its diverse ecosystem. Keep an eye out for wildlife and stay clear of animals you encounter. Also, be mindful of the plant life—some species may be protected or dangerous to touch.

Weather Conditions: New Mexico weather can fluctuate greatly, with hot days and cold nights. Be prepared for sudden changes such as rain or strong winds.

Safety: Always adhere to fire safety regulations, especially if you are in a designated fire area. Permits may be required for campfires, and sometimes burn bans will be in effect.

Rules and Regulations

Keep it Clean: Littering is strictly prohibited. Pack out all trash and leave your campsite as you found it.

Quiet Hours: Respect other visitors by observing quiet hours (typically between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.).

Pets: Pets are often allowed but must be kept on a leash at all times. Clean up after your pets and be considerate of others.

Alcohol & Drugs: State parks generally prohibit the use of illegal drugs and may have specific rules regarding alcohol consumption. Check regulations beforehand.

Permits: Certain activities may require permits, so make sure to acquire all necessary documentation before engaging in fishing, boating, or other regulated activities.

For the most current and detailed information, it's best to visit the official website for Abiquiu Lake State Park or contact the park's administration directly. Always check for alerts or closures before planning your trip.

Map of Campgrounds in Abiquiu Lake State Park
Campgrounds in Abiquiu Lake State Park
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All campsites booked in Abiquiu Lake State Park? Create a scan and we’ll notify you when somebody cancels.
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