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Camping at Milan Hill State Park

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Milan Hill State Park is located in the Coos County in New Hampshire. This state park is known for providing panoramic views of the White Mountains and the Androscoggin River Valley. It's a popular destination for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, skiing, and snowshoeing.



  • The park offers primitive camping experiences. This typically means there aren't modern amenities like electricity, water hookups, or showers.
  • The park features a small campground with a limited number of campsites.

Types of Campsites:

  • Yurts: Milan Hill State Park is known for its yurts, which are circular tents on platforms. These provide a unique camping experience, combining the feel of tent camping with some of the comforts of a cabin.
  • Tent Sites: There are also sites available for traditional tent camping.


  • Campers should check the accessibility of the campsites, as some may be more suitable for those with mobility challenges than others.


  • Hiking: There are trails available for hiking in the summer months where visitors can enjoy the natural scenic beauty of the park.
  • Wildlife Watching: The park is rich with forested areas, attracting a variety of wildlife for observation.
  • Winter Sports: In winter, Milan Hill State Park becomes a destination for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, with groomed trails available.
  • Picnicking: Day visitors can enjoy picnic areas, which offer a chance to relax and enjoy a meal amidst the park's natural beauty.



  • Fire pits and picnic tables are typically provided at each campsite.
  • Pit toilets are usually available for basic restroom needs.
  • Water sources might be limited, and it's advisable to bring sufficient water for drinking and cooking or have a means to purify natural water.


  • Pets are often permitted in New Hampshire state parks, but it's essential to check the specific rules for Milan Hill State Park regarding leash requirements and permitted areas.

Reservations and Fees


  • Reservations can often be made in advance, and for popular times of the year, it's advisable to book early.
  • New Hampshire state parks may provide an online reservation system for convenience.


  • Fees for camping usually vary depending on the type of campsite and length of stay. It's important to check the latest fee schedule.

Directions and Contact


  • The park is located in the northern part of New Hampshire. Visitors can find it by using GPS or a map to locate the specific area within Milan, NH.

Contact Information:

  • Before visiting, campers should contact the New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation for the most current information and to clarify any details about their stay.

Safety and Regulations


  • Campers should familiarize themselves with park rules and regulations, which are designed to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all visitors as well as the protection of natural resources.
  • Quiet hours, fire safety, and trash disposal are common considerations.


  • Have a plan for emergencies. Know the location of the nearest hospital and have a means to call emergency services if cell service is unreliable in the area.


  • Remember to follow Leave No Trace principles to minimize your impact on the natural environment.
  • Practice good stewardship by keeping the park clean and reporting any observed maintenance issues or hazards to park staff.


  • Milan Hill State Park offers a serene outdoor experience for camping enthusiasts. To ensure a pleasant and safe visit, gather all the relevant information on campground facilities, park activities, fees, regulations, and local wildlife before planning your trip.
Map of Campgrounds in Milan Hill State Park
Campgrounds in Milan Hill State Park
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All campsites booked in Milan Hill State Park? Create a scan and we’ll notify you when somebody cancels.
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