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Camping at Perry State Park

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Location and Contact Information

Perry State Park is located in Jefferson County, Kansas, on the shores of Perry Reservoir. The exact address and contact information can vary, so it is best to check with the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism for the most current details before planning your trip.

Camping Facilities

Campsites: Perry State Park offers a variety of campsites ranging from primitive to utility sites with electric and water hookups. Some sites may also include sewer services.

Reservation System: Reservations for campsites can typically be made online through the state park reservation system or by calling the park directly.

Amenities: The park usually provides amenities such as restroom facilities, showers, picnic tables, fire rings, and dump stations for RVs.

Recreational Activities

Water Recreation: Being situated on Perry Lake, the park offers a multitude of water-related activities such as boating, fishing, swimming, and kayaking.

Trails: Hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails are available, allowing visitors to explore the diverse ecosystem and wildlife within the park.

Hunting: During certain seasons and under specific regulations, hunting may be allowed in designated areas of the park.

Park Regulations and Safety

Fire Safety: Campfires are often permitted in designated areas, but check for any current fire restrictions to prevent wildfires.

Wildlife: Do not feed wildlife and store food securely to avoid attracting animals to the campsite.

Quiet Hours: Typically, state parks enforce quiet hours during the night to ensure a peaceful environment for all campers.

Permits and Fees: A vehicle permit is required to enter the park, and additional fees are charged for camping and other amenities.

Seasonality and Weather

Operating Seasons: The park is usually open year-round, but some facilities may be seasonal or have reduced services during off-peak months.

Weather Considerations: Kansas can experience a wide range of weather conditions, so it's important to prepare accordingly, especially with clothing and camping gear.


The park strives to provide facilities accessible to visitors with disabilities, but it's best to contact the park directly for information on specific accommodations and accessible trails or facilities.

Local Attractions and Services

Nearby Towns: There are towns near Perry State Park where you can find additional amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants, and medical services if needed.

Visitor Center: If available, the visitor center can provide maps, brochures, and additional information about the park and its resources.

Events: The park might host events and educational programs, depending on the time of year. Check with the park's events calendar for more information.

Emergency Services: Always be aware of the location of the nearest hospital and have a plan for how to reach emergency services if necessary.

Before heading out, always check the latest information and updates from the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism to ensure a safe and enjoyable camping experience.

Map of Campgrounds in Perry State Park
Campgrounds in Perry State Park
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All campsites booked in Perry State Park? Create a scan and we’ll notify you when somebody cancels.
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